5 Surprising Things That Could Be Making You Break Out


I am not talking about things that we ALL know that can cause our skin to freak out such as stress, food, hormones, not washing your face properly, cosmetics, etc. I am talking about things that you would never think about but that play a large role in causing break outs and those pimples and blemishes that just won’t go away.

Recently, I had been dealing with a lot of skin issues. My face just went crazy on me. Break outs like I’ve never seen before and persistent redness. I anticipated Rosacea and the dermatologist confirmed a few days ago.

Throughout my research I’ve discovered a few surprising things that could and DO contribute to  breakouts:

So, you may be thinking what do my hair products have to do with my face? It’s not as if I am putting my curling cream on my cheeks. Well, your hair touches your face if it’s down, the product transfers onto your skin. Hair products can seep oil onto your scalp and clog your pores. If you style your hair before applying your make up and not washing your hands well (some hair products really stick) you will transfer it onto your skin.

  • when applying hair products keep them away from hairline
  • when spraying anything onto your hair, protect your face
  • do not touch your hair and then your face
  • keep hair away from face when sleeping or exercising

Think about how many times a day you pick up your phone and put it down. Now, can you think about where you all place it?
Most likely, your phone ends up on tables, on chairs, at the bottom of your bag and collects bacteria. All of that transfers onto your face. This is how you ends up with those annoying peoples and even adult acne along your jawline and chin.

  • Wipe your phone regularly with wipes ( I use baby wipes, a small travelling size that I do not leave my house without)
  • Use an ear piece!

A lot of households have hard water which means it is high in mineral content and it throws off your ph balance. It has been said that this also makes it harder for you to rinse off the soap or your face cleanser entirely which can clog your pores.

  • get a water softner
  • stick mainly with wipes

Trying different products is cool and I do it quite a bit because I get bored and I just simply love to try new products. But constant switching of cosmetics or cleansers and hair products can make your skin go all out of wack before you give it a chance to get used to it.

Yup! Two reasons, the stubles are just never a good thing. They hurt, burn, sting, poke, etc. So when you are all extra close and his beard or his stubles are rubbing all over your soft cheeks, it causes a burn or an irritation which makes your face break out.
Also, his aftershave can make you break out as well.


  • well I have none LOL this should be handled how you see fit or maybe you can just tell him to shave lol

If you know of  more, please share them with me! I’d love to know.
‘Til next time

Nina XO

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