Outfit of the Day #2 (Professional but chic)


So it’s back to work. Blah. Mondays call for a bit more of a professional outfit but that doesn’t have to be boring and bland. You can be professional and fabulous by adding a splash of colour and right accessories. And the best part : it’s looking fabulous on a budget!

23 24Clothing:

Top: Forever 21 $5CAD
Pants: Urban Behaviour $20 CAD
Shoes: Ardene 39.99 CAD
Belt: Steve Madden (from Winners) $20 CAD
Bag: Imoshion (from Winners) $39.99 CAD – check them out here they have some really amazing stuff


Earrings: Forever 21 $8.00 CAD
Necklace: Swarovski Crystal Elephant Charm – Winners Jewelry $24CAD
Watch: Fossil $250 CAD
Ring and Spike Bracelet: Ardene $3 CAD each


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