Nails of the Day #2

2013-06-16 22.29.56

   “When in doubt, put some glitter on it”

Purple is my favourite colour and these Illamasqua lavender and dark purple shades are just gorgeous. I also used Essence nail kit to add some glitter on my ring finger. (Step by Step guide below)

82504603-I got the nail kit from Essence for $5 CAD at Shopper Drug Mart. It came with different kind of gold glitter and studs. It also came with an application stick.
-I painted my nails first and let them dry.
-Secondly, I applied the Essence Gel Top coat
-Then I took a bit of glitter out, dipped the application stick in some water so that the glitter would stick to it and just placed it gently on my nail while the gel coat was still wet.
-I let it dry and then I painted a second coat of the gel top coat to seal it. Done! Simple yet pretty .



All of my nails except the ring fingers are painted with the Illamasqua nail varnish in Jo’mina Electric Lilac
Ring fingers are painted with Illamasqua nail varnish Faux Pas Blue Violet, Rubber Finish.

They are about $20 CAD at Sephora.


Nina XO


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