Nails of the Day #1

2013-06-13 15.05.49

2013-06-13 15.02.42-1“Woman’s hands are a representation of her”

A woman’s nails must always be done. Whether you prefer them long, short, loud, with designs, plain – it doesn’t matter. They must be clean and neat, no chips and always on point.

Not a huge fan of red nail polish but there is something about red – whether it’s a red lip, red nails, red dress – it makes you feel sexy, classy, fabulous and confident!

s1264076-main-heroNail Polish: Sephora by OPI
Colour: Fiercely Fabulous
Price: $5.00 CAD

s1274299-main-heroGold Shimmer: Sephora by OPI
Colour: Looks like Rain Dear
Price: $5.00 CAD


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