Curly Hair Care


“Right before you go to bed you notice that your hair looks good, so you make an effort to preserve it while you sleep. You wake up the next morning, look in the mirror and wonder where the lion came from”


This is for all the ladies with curly hair – I know you will understand what I mean when I say that I am always looking for tips and trying out various products to make my curls healthy and luscious!

Let’s face it – curly hair is beautiful, sexy, playful, seductive, unique but also very difficult to manage, unruly, has a mind of its own, does not always cooperate and it can get frustrating.

I used to have very tight curls and incredibly thick hair . That all changed when I discovered bleach and started dying my hair. My curls relaxed and now it’s a mixture of curls and waves. It’s dry and course and it takes a lot to get it to look nice. I’ve definitely experimented with a lot of products and here is what I can share with you:

This blog will not be about how to style curly hair – this is just about general curly hair CARE.

Some characteristics of curly hair is that it tends to be more dry – the curlier the hair the longer it takes for natural oils to make their way to the ends and it’s more prone to split ends and frizzies.

(Pictures of product suggestions below)

1. Important to choose good shampoo and conditioner. I know there are a lot of things written out there that sulfates are bad for your hair and you should use sulfate-free shampoo. Not necessarily true. What are sulfates? To put it simply, it’s like a detergent that produces lather. It can be found in many beauty products. Sulfates get rid of dirt and build up but they can dry out hair and scalp. So since curly hair is more dry as is, it is suggested to use a sulfate – free shampoo. If you are using a shampoo that has sulfates and it works for you, no need to change. However, if you do feel your hair is more dry, you can opt out for a sulfate free one.

2. CONDITION CONDITION CONDITION!!! Curly hair thrives on moisture and hydration. Do not wash your hair often. I’d say once or twice a week. However, you can condition in between. Choosing the right conditioner is crucial. I know there are products out there that claim to be for curly hair but really all they are is for dry hair. If your hair is chemically treated, go for colour treated, dry hair conditioner. Your curls will thank you!

3. Deep Hair Mask – You should do a hair mask once a week. Put it on and leave for a few hours, even over night. Wash out in the morning.

4. Use some oil for your hair – coconut or olive.  You can find a good natural coconut/olive oil for hair and make your own mask. Actually you can pick up some organic COOKING coconut oil too  – warm it up in a microwave, saturate in your hair, wrap in a towel, leave overnight and in the morning wash out. Your hair will be soft and silky. I use various oils to put in my hair before applying styling products.

5. Do not brush your curls while hair is dry! Shoot, don’t even do it when it’s wet. I brush my hair most of the time with my fingers and detangle it the same way. However, if you need to brush your hair – ONLY USE A WIDE TOOTH COMB.

6. Do not rub your hair with a towel. Instead, gently blot it . Rubbing curly hair with a towel will make it frizzy, give you split ends and damage hair cuticles.

7. Less is more. Meaning, it’s better to apply one or two GOOD products than dump 5 different hair products. I would suggest after shampooing and conditioning – apply a good leave in conditioner, quarter size amount of oil , distribute throughout your hair concentrating on ends, lastly apply whatever curly styling product you use. Done.

8. Style WHILE WET. While applying product, scrunch your hair with it.

9. NEVER use a regular blow dryer on your curls. The worst thing you can do. Always  use a diffuser. I cannot live without my diffuser. But you do have to know how to use it properly- diffuse roots and down to mid-length, leave ends for last as they tend to be the driest part of hair.  You can also air dry.

11. LEAVE YOUR HAIR ALONE. Do not touch your hair. Don’t play with it. Don’t let others play with it. The more you touch the more frizz you will create.


At the end of the day, when you have curly hair, you can’t tell it what to do! It tells YOU what to do. Curly hair is the boss of you. When it feels like co-operating, it will and when it wakes up in a bad mood, no matter what you do, it won’t sit properly if it doesn’t want to. So  treat it good, take care of it and it will play a little nicer with you 🙂

Product Suggestions: These are just current products I am using that work really well for me although there are quite a few I discovered that are great but these are the current.
Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner (9.99 CAD – any drug mart)
Organix Coconut Milk/Oil (6.99 CAD – any drug mart)
Olive Oil Hair Lotion (4.99 CAD – any beauty supply store)
Moroccan Oil curl defining cream (36.99 CAD – any beauty supply store)
L’oreal Hair Mask (5.00 CAD – any drug mart)

shampoo-condicionador-oil-of-morocco-marc-anthony_MLB-F-3818688219_022013300 afro_3_12 Moroccan-Oil-Curl-Defining-Cream photo

4 thoughts on “Curly Hair Care

  1. This is perfect – my hair is unruly – I was using a styling gel B2 or something like that and now it’s finished – I am now onto Freeze Ease – not as good, awful hold – not impressed but options are limited here. I have started doing treatments but definitely not once a week. how do you get your hair to last the next day after you sleep on it? my curls just become flat, frizzy and just one big blob – a part of me wished it were a lion’s mane – sometimes its’ even worse then that. ALso if I don’t come my hair in the shower while I have tons of conditioner in – I get dreads…I kid you not, the bottom of my hair starts to dread.
    I was doing so well for about a week with my hair – now it’s back to buns *sigh*
    Damn hormones – I also had great curls once upon a time – wish they would come back 😦
    oh how do you condition without washing? you just wet your hair and condition but skip the shampooing step?

    1. I know what you mean. I miss my old curls too, the ringlets I had. So many different things affect it. But it’s really good to use solid products and I know unfortunately for you you are limited in Guyana but hopefully my package will arrive soon 🙂
      Basically, to answer your question about washing with no shampoo. It’s become quite popular especially for curly hair girls. It’s called “the no poo” method (no shamPOO) or co-washing (conditioner washing) . It’s done basically because most shampoos are harsh and take away the natural oils so yes, you wet your hair thoroughly and apply a good conditioner like you would apply the shampoo. Massage all the way through and rinse. I also never rinse out entirely. I leave a little bit of conditioner in because it leaves the hair softer and silkier.


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