Top 5 MAC lipsticks/lipglosses


So I am not a big MAC cosmetics lover. I just feel that it’s ridicilously overpriced and sure it’s great quality but as I mentioned in my previous posts, drug store lip products have come such a long way but this is not about drug store so I will stop there.

There are a few things that I absolutely adore from MAC such as their blushes, a few eye shadows but  I especially LOVE MAC lipsticks and lip glosses.

Here are my top 5:

mac_saintgermainlipglass0021. SAINT GERMAIN LIPGLASS

My ALL TIME FAVOURITE lipgloss. It is the most perfect bubble gum soft barbie pink colour you can ever find. It is just the right pink shade. You can wear it with smokey eyes or just with some liner and mascara. It is such a girly, pretty and flirty colour but yet not in your face. Just enough. It leaves your lips looking very milky and shiny. The texture of it is very creamy which I love. It stays on relatively long with only the shine dying down. It does not dry out your lips whatsoever.

mac_mythlipstick0022. MYTH LIPSTICK

This is the best nude colour for lips!!! I feel that a lot of nudes wash me out and leave me looking pale like I don’t have one drop of blood left in me, but not this one. It is a pale peach nude, also very creamy and it lasts a long while too. . This is a great lipstick to pair up with smokey eyes. I would suggest doing a smokey eye with a dark purple or green eye shadow because after applying Myth it will bring out your eyes even more so. Even though the lipstick is pretty creamy, sometimes it can get a little dry on your lips so what I do is apply a little gloss over it for extra shine and moisture.

mac-candy-yum-yum-lipstick-L-kwnojX3. CANDY YUM YUM

This is the brightest pink lipstick ever! It’ neon pink and absolutely gorgeous. Yes it’s bright, yes it’s bold, yes it makes a hell of a statement, yes it is a head turner and I LOVE IT ALL. The colour is just unbelievable but the best part of it is that it is suitable to all skin tones and shades.I have seen so many girls wear this lipstick and it looks amazing on all. I do not suggest to wear this with a full face of make up,  your eyes really do not need a lot when you wear this lipstick. One bad thing about is that it is INCREDIBLY DRY as it is a matte lipstick. It dries out lips very very bad and that can be quite bothersome. You have to exfoliate  your lips before applying Candy Yum Yum and I also suggest putting on clear gloss or vaseline as a base coat.

lipgloss-viva-glam4.VIVA GLAM NICKI MINAJ 2 LIPGLOSS

This is a soft violet colour lipgloss and I would also classify it as a nude lipgloss with a tint of colour. It is very similar to Saint Germain lipglass only that is pink and this is a purple-ish shade. It is such a unique colour. Creamy, milky, lasts a while and perfect for every day use.






mac_prolongwear_lipcreme_overtime_15. PRO LONGWEAR LIP CREAM – OVERTIME

This shade is called Overtime and it is a rosy peachy light colour that is perfect for every day office wear, or just a casual day out. It brings out your lips just enough, makes them a really pretty rose colour. The lipstick goes on very smoothly and creamy but after a while I would not say it dries out like most pro longwear lipsticks do but this one becomes sticky. However I put a little gloss over it and it eliminates that feeling for the most part. And it’s true to its name – it lasts for hours, drinking, eating, whatever.

Swatches: (L-R) Saint Germaine, Viva Glam NM 2, Overtime, Candy Yum Yum. I am currently out of Myth I know how terrible so I found a swatch of it online.

2013-06-07 00.50.06mac_mythlipstick003

I would love to hear what your favourites are!

Nina XO

5 thoughts on “Top 5 MAC lipsticks/lipglosses

  1. I’m going to have to go home and give you the names – but I love combining my mac lipstick with the lipglass I have! But with the heat my lipstick somehow has found it’s way into the cap *sigh*

  2. I’ve always wondered about candy yum yum. Might be too bright for me. But one day i will go and try it! lol

    1. Char, Candy Yum Yum suits everyone. It’s so funny how it works. It just compliments every skin complexion. I have seen it on many girls and it looked nice on all. I was even a bit timid like is this too bright? And you know me, all I wear is bright colours, but it’s gorgeous. The only thing about it that sucks is the texture. It’s incredibly drying on your lips.


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