The importance of EYEBROWS!

“Don’t ever underestimate the power of eyebrows” – Jack Black

2013-06-06 10.08.28

Eyebrows are THE MOST important and crucial part of your face ladies and I will tell you exactly why that is. They do not only frame your eyes but they frame your entire face.

Think about this for a second… when you look at a person, you don’t really notice eyebrows (unless you are obsessed with eyebrows like me and always notice them) but normally if they are clean,  shaped properly and taken care of you won’t notice eyebrows but if there is anything at all funky and off about them, watch how quick you will notice them!!! It will be the first place your eyes will look and fixate on. The person’s entire face will be off.

I mean sure people don’t go around complimenting eyebrows as a feature but you can have your entire face flawless but if your eyebrows are jacked up, the rest of your face won’t even matter.

No worries though, I will give some important tips here on how to get them perfect brows and also show you what the big NO-NO’s look like as well.
Wrongly shaped eyebrows can throw everything off, and have you walking around 24/7 looking angry, grouchy, sad, surprised , excited and just freakin’ hilarious but if done properly , it can also add a sophisticated, youthful, sexy look.

Here is the first and most important tip:

Everyone’s eyebrows have a natural shape/curve to them and you SHOULD ALWAYS follow the natural curvature of your brow because more than likely that is the shape that will compliment and suit your face. A lot of the time there are eyebrow trends, thin drawn on ones or nowadays full thick ones – NO! STOP IT! Your brow curve is telling you what to do, just listen to it and clean what needs to be cleaned and fill in what needs to be filled in. 

And please do not go shaving off your eyebrows and start re-designing – no bueno!

935398_246425245497126_637264732_nThis is where most errors are:

  1. Wrong Arch (#2)
    Start plucking too close to the centre of your eyes and you end up with a little ball at the very front and then a curvy thin line. The worst ever.
  2. Tweezing too much (#1)
    You go all tweezer happy and end up with a thin scarce line all around
  3. Short Ends/ Long ends
    Taking off too much off your ends and you have a half-way brow with no tail or extending the line wayyyy past your brow bone
  4. Too dark/ Too light
    Using the wrong shade of pencil, gel or powder to fill in the brows and they look either too dark and unnatural or too light and unnoticeable
  5. Drawing on thin lines /Overfilling
    Shaving off completely and drawing on a thin line or drawing over your eyebrows and making them bigger, longer and thicker

Here is what you do ladies to get the perfect shape brows:

IMG_3792 eyebrow112 ???????????????????????????

1. Take a small brush and if you don’t have one, you can use a fine tooth comb or even a toothbrush (get a new toothbrush after lol)
You brush up all the eyebrow hair upwards like in the 1st pic…. Whatever sticks out, is what you are supposed to trim with small scissors aligning it with your natural brow line 2nd pic.

2. Now you take the tweezers, and you clean up all the stragglers underside. So basically you pluck any and all straight hairs that are underneath your arch. Pluck one hair at the time because it’s easy to overpluck and it can take up to 3 months for your eyebrows to grow back! So take your time. 3rd pic

Make sure that you are using good tweezers, meaning sharp and angled. Please see the picture below for some suggestions and what I use.

Where should your eyebrows start and end and where should the arch be? Here is a little diagram of what you can use to serve as your guide. This explains where you should start plucking and where to end.


1. You can take a pen and align it upwards from the outer corner of your nose towards your eyebrow. Where it crosses with your eyebrow, that’s where it should begin
2. Your arch should be aligned with the iris of your eye
3. The eyebrow should end where your brow bone ends

Filling in brows:

If you have spotty or scattered hairs, thin brows, too light, or anything along those lines then you will need to fill them in. I thought I would look like a clown and refused to this for the longest time but my eyebrows started to thin out over time and it really bothered me.
What can you fill in your brows with?
You can use: powder, pencil or gel . I personally prefer powder or chalky pencil. Gel and creamy pencils look too fake in my opinion. When you are using a brush or a pencil they should be angled (refer to the pic below) so that all you need to do is start applying. You don’t have to worry about angling it because the brush guides you.
How to fill in your brows?
Do not start drawing them on! Use light and feathery strokes, a little bit at the time until you achieve the desired look.
What colour should my eyebrows be?
Do not match your eyebrows to your hair! Just because you may have red hair, does not mean your eyebrows should be red too.
The colour of the powder, gel, pencil that you use to fill in your eyebrows should always be a shade or two lighter then your hair. However, if you have coloured hair this may work slightly different. For example, I have bright red/magenta hair so I will not use a pink eyebrow filler because coloured eyebrows just look hella weird! I use a medium brown shade to fill them in so it looks natural.
In what instance is ok to tint or dye your eyebrows?
There are times when you will need to change your eyebrow colour. If you are going blond, like bleach blonde or a really light shade, and your natural eyebrows are black or dark brown, you will need to tint or dye them to a a shade or two darker than your hair.
So when it comes to picking the right brow colour here is a rule: Dark hair people to go a shade or two lighter, Light hair people to go a shade or two darker, funky coloured ladies such as myself light to medium brown tones should work.

So to summarize:

9 really-bad-eyebrows-283x300 red-eyebrows1 2013-06-05 12.59.09(my eyebrows)

I should mention that I have never in my life gotten my eyebrows done professionally. I have always done it by myself. Yes I screwed up a lot of the times until I perfected it and now it’s like second nature. I have a naturally high arch on one eyebrow than the other so I may look slightly surprised at times LOL but if I may say so myself I love my eyebrows.

I hope this helped and if you have any tips you’d like to share I would love to hear!

Products I use or that I have mentioned in this blog:

P211378_heromarcelle-duo-eyebrowproe6-eyebrow-brush-and-comb2 fine-toothed-comb

1. Sephora tweezers $25CAD- sharp and angled
2. Marcelle Duo Eyebrow pro – chalky pencil and brow gel – $12 CAD
3. Eyebrow brush $1.99 CAD
4. Fine tooth comb I also sometimes use to brush my brows. $2.00CAD

4 thoughts on “The importance of EYEBROWS!

  1. I completely agree! Eyebrows frame the whole eye!!! In Toronto I always went to an eyebrow lady and she was great – took her time, always was on point and onus always got a mini massage at the end. She was a bit pricey and since i’ve left apparently has gotten even pricer. But she is great and everytime i got my eyebrows done by her for weeks afterwards people would compliment my eyebrows and ask me where i get them done.
    Now i’m on my own – I havn’t found anyone who threads only waxes…so i do them myself. NOt great and not nearly as great as my lady in Toronto – but we do what we can and we learn hopefully without ruining too much!

  2. Eyebrows open the door to the face so I agree they need to be kept up. Im a fan of tweezing and looking more natural but Im going to pass your insight to my friend. Lol. Very detailed, made me want to go check on my own brows. Wonderful blog!

    1. Thank you 🙂 I appreciate that.
      And you’re absolutely right they do open the door to the face. I also tweeze myself, never waxed them or threaded and never even had them done by anyone else! Trust me, I screwed up so many times lol.


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