” A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future ” – Coco Chanel

Ok that may be a little extreme but a woman’s scent is very important and it says a lot about a person. You can like as many perfumes as you want and wear a different one every day but every woman should have a signature scent.
Me personally, I like two types of scents. Sweet and warm / Citrusy and fresh. Very opposite I know but it all depends on when you where it and where to.

I also suffer from terrible chronic migraines and I have to be careful with what scents I use as a lot of them trigger it.

So without further rambling let me get into it. I will try to describe each scent as precisely as I can so that as you are reading you can pretty much smell it and want to go run and get it ! 🙂
Every perfume scent consists of top notes, middles notes and bottom notes. I will not get into all of that but I will give a general composition of it.

GC_flora1. Flora by GUCCI
Composition: violets, peach, orange flower, roses

This is my favourite perfume. Although the name Flora is meant to suggest that it smells like flowers, I really don’t think so. To me this smells like a mixture of a powder and flowers. So the powdery component gives it the soft and warm texture while the hint of the flower gives it the sweet texture. So it is best of both worlds!
It is the most sophisticated scent. Yes sophisticated. For the grown and sexy!
It smells expensive! And it is! ($90CAD for 50 ml)

  • sweet, powdery, warm, hint of vanilla and sugar, hint of gardenia and jasmine
  • strong scent – a little goes a long way – you only need two short sprays and you are guaranteed it will last all day long, if you spray more it will be overwhelming
  • more of a nighttime perfume but if sprayed lightly it is suitable for daytime
  • can be worn any season – not really a specific season scent

96__74059_zoom2. Cool Water by Davidoff
Composition: Citrus, Honeydew Melon, Pineapple, Lily, Lotus, etc.

This is a well known perfume because it has been around for 10 years or so. I have always loved it. The freshness of this perfume is unbelievable. It really makes you say ahhhh when you smell it.  Best way to describe it is: clean, fresh and simple like an ocean breeze. You can spray as much as you want of it because in my opinion I don’t find it overpowering at all.

  • soapy and clean scent
  • citrusy and not really sweet at all
  • refreshing and perfect for a spring and summer scent
  • not heavy at all – it may not last the entire day but it lasts for a good amount hours
  • the value of this perfume has gone down that’s why you can find it at any drug stores for $39.99 CAD

nd.115573. Givenchy Hot Couture
jasmine, white musk, etc

Very very sweet fragrance. Extremely sweet but delicate kind of sweet. I would describe this scent as very feminine, girly and soft. It’s not incredibly strong but strong enough to get noticed.
I would describe the scent as “something” smokey, like a smokey fruit scent, with some spices. I don’t smell flowers here at all.

  • it’s a common scent as a lot of ladies have it
  • sweet but yet subtle and lasts throughout the day
  •  very elegant and cozy
  • it smells edible like you’re in a bakery lol
  • It’s about $80 CAD for a relatively large size bottle but it lasts a long time

AMOR-AMOR-D4. Amor Amor by Cacharel
Composition: pink grapefruit, sandlewood, lily of the valley, etc.

I discovered this perfume about 7 years ago so it’s been around for a while but I still feel it’s not really widely known or popular. But when I first smelt this on a co-worker..she walked by and the smell was just WHOOOSHHH in my face but in a good , pleasant, OMG kind of way! I was like What is that perfume you are wearing??? I have to have it!!!!

The best way I can describe it is: fragrant woods! It’s just so delicious smelling. It’s another one that I would call edible. It has such a different scent.

  • alluring and charming scent – you just have to know what it is when you smell it
  • romantic and seductive after scent
  • you can wear it all the time – perfect for day time and every day use – not overbearing at all!
  • small bottle of about 30 ml is about $40CAD

6a00d8341c706153ef0147e1e0573d970b-pi5. Gucci Rush
Composition: Gardenia, jasmine, patchouli, etc

This is a very unique perfume. Once you smell it , you will not forget it and be able to recognize it . There is nothing else that smells like it.
It’s a very bold and loud scent, in your face and it can be extremely overwhelming if you over spray. It lasts all day and all night and if you don’t wash your clothes, it will smell like it when you put it on next time.  The scent does wear off after a while and in my opinion it smells even better. I do not smell flowers when I smell this. I smell sugary, powdery scent.

  • smells very warm and sensual
  • exotic and unforgettable scent
  • luxurious so you cannot wear it every day. I would say more for special occasions and night time.
  • it’s a smell you never get tired of.
  • it is pricey… roughly $100CAD but since you only need a little it will last for a looong time

sjp-nyc-bottle6. Sarah Jessica Parker NYC
Composition: Gardenia, Honeysuckle, Rum, Wild red strawberries

I really do not purchase celebrity perfumes but I do own two and I love them both. This is one of them. It is just a fun and light perfume suitable for every day anytime use.
I do not smell rum in this perfume and to me rum would make a perfume smell heavy – that is just my opinion and there is nothing heavy about this. It also smells soapy to me like Cool Water but this is more of a juicy bubbly scent. I definitely smell wild strawberries here! That ‘s the best way to describe it like wild fruits.

  • light and fun fragrance
  • delicious scent
  • not heavy at all
  • does not last very long however, you have to spray throughout the day
  • you can find at drug mart on sale for $19.99 CAD – not bad!

nm7. Pink Friday by Nicky Minaj
Composition: Vanilla, Lotus, Jasmine, etc.

I know this one seems off from the list I have above but this is the second celebrity perfume I own and actually I am impressed. It’s such a playful, flirty smell . Nothing sexy about it at all. Just another light and fun fragrance. You can spray as much as you want of it and it does not get heavy at all but I would not suggest doing that ever! 🙂
It’s fruity and flowery, no powder scent or spices or wooded smells in my opinion at all.

  • perfect for daytime
  • young smelling
  • fresh and citrusy
  • summertime perfume
  • does not stay long at all – after an hour it’s gone – disappointing but i love it.
  • I got it for $70CAD at Drug Mart.

So there you have it! I will do another list of body sprays because truth be told I actually use sprays more than perfumes.  I will also do a list of perfumes I absolutely cannot stand. Migraine Givers for sure!

Please keep in mind that we all have our own skin scent and just because a perfume may smell one way on someone does not guarantee it will smell like that on someone else. It really varies and other things can affect it as well, such as hormones, stress, medications you may be taking, etc. So I suggest always getting a sample before spending $100 on a full bottle because perfumes are quite pricey.

Nina XO.

One thought on “TOP 7 PERFUMES !

  1. Love Givenchy Hot Couture… It’s on my wish list for my next Shoppers Points Splurge! My fave right now is Rebelle by Rihanna.. its a nice sexy plum scent, and I love Body by Burberry for work, because I think it’s light and sophisticated. I tend to avoid flowery scents and head right for sweet and musky. Excellent post! I’m such a perfume-a-holic. ~blaze


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