Current Accessories – Cheap accessories to make your outfit look like a million bucks!

“My motto is to go wild on the accessories – the belts, the hair clips, the jewelry” – Heidi Klum

I couldn’t agree more. For me, it is all about accessories. All day Every day Never skip a day.

I don’t leave my house without accessories and if by some out of this world miracle I forget to wear earrings, I will turn around and go back home and I have done this a few times even though I was late for work. I feel NAKED without accessories, especially earrings.

You can be wearing the most plain outfit but if you accessorize it right, it can go from plain to the flyest outfit in seconds!

For me personally, the bigger, the shinier, the more glitter and sparkle, the more unique accessories – THE BETTER!

In this blog I am only going to talk about jewelry that I am obsessed with at the moment and tell you where you can get it and all that good stuff – if you like it!

I have some really pretty and expensive jewelry pieces that I wear when the occasion calls for it and I have two rings in particular that I wear on regular basis BUT for the past little while I have been buying a lot of cheap jewelry that is just so damn cute and pretty.

I have been obsessed with :

  • ball bracelets and I am not talking about shamballa bracelets. I have so many of those too but I am kind of over them.
  • spiky rings and bracelets
  • skull bracelets and earrings
  • cross bracelets

2013-05-31 09.32.23(L – R )
Rose gold ball bracelet : Not sure what it’s made out of but I needed a rose gold bracelet to go with my rose gold watch and I attended an International Women Show with my mom in winter (in Toronto) and found this one for $7CAD!
Lilac ball bracelet: I found this at a flea market (Toronto) for $5 CAD. It’s a gorgeous purple colour. It’s a replica of my birth stone amethyst.
White ball bracelet: This is actually White Opal Stone. The meaning of the opal stone is protection, faithfulness and loyalty. I also got this at a flea market for $35 CAD.
Purple ball bracelet: This was a gift and my favourite bracelet by far for a number of reasons. The dark purple balls are my birth stone Amythist (real one this time hehe), the lilac balls are opal stone, and the jewels are Swarovski crystals. This bracelet was bought at a Jewelry Store at Fairview Mall for $160. It’s just so me in every way.

(L-R) 2013-05-31 09.33.54(1)

These are so popular now. They come in every single colour and variation. I got these three because brown has a wooden and gold look to it so it can match with a lot of gold, yellow and blue clothing. The baby pink one is just so delicate and pretty looking and you can match with anything. The orange one is very vibrant and I wear this with a lot of brown tones to open up the outift with a splash of colour! They were $3 CAD each at Urban Behaviour.
TIP: Brings me to my point above – if you are wearing an outfit with predominately dark or earthy tones, pair it up with a bright accessory and it will come alive without over doing it!

2013-05-31 09.31.20Skull and spike anything is so in right now. I know that people either hate it or love it and I wasn’t sure how I felt about it first but now I am absolutely obsessed.
I got these hangy gold skull earrings and an orange /gold shamballa style bracelet ($3 CAD each) from Urban Behaviour. These earrings look so hot when your hair is up in a bun and they have a elegant look to it because they dangle but also have an edge to it because of the skull.

The other skull earrings are from Aldo ($10CAD) and they are made out of tiny little pearls. I love these! Capture


2013-05-31 09.35.59

These 3 rings from Ardene on special for 3 accessories for $10 CAD.
I am not expecting them to last long before they start to tarnish but I am going to wear the crap out of them until then !
First ring is  flat spikes that go in between your fingers with some stones. It’s a two finger ring. How cool is this ring?

2013-05-31 09.37.30Second ring, more spikes (also 2 finger ring) but these are raised and just solid silver.

2013-05-31 09.36.42Third ring is a flat plated stone ring.

I hope you love these as much as I do!



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