Colour Sensational Vivids by Maybelline Review – Gawwwgeous!


I cannot stress enough how much I love colour! Bright, bold, loud and out there colours! So needless, to say I love playing up with lip colours too! And what a better time than the spring and summer . I know that not every woman is into that and some prefer the more nude and naturals but there will come a time in your life, some event, some occasion that will call for bold, sexy lips. For me, personally, rocking some hot pink or fire red lips, just gives me a different kind of sass and confidence!

I love Maybelline lip products. I love their colours, packaging, scent and texture and their new Colour Sensational Vivids are just amazing. I tend to prefer lip gloss over lipstick just because I like the more wet and moist feel on my lips and the shiny glossy look whereas most lipsticks I feel start out being creamy and then turn dry or sticky and matte. But I am obsessed with the Colour Sensational Vivids. Drug store lipsticks have come a long way. You do not need to go to MAC or Sephora and get high end products because Drug store products have stepped their game up!

There are about 10 shades everything from gorgeous pinks to luscious corals and hot reds!100_9750

I do not have every single one but I have 4 :

(Swatches L-R) Electric Orange, Hot Plum and Shocking Coral.

2013-05-30 14.04.43                          

How gorgeous are these? But my favourite is Pink Pop and this is actually the most favourite lipstick colour I’ve ever owned! That’s how much I love it!!! (Sample on my lips) 2013-05-30 13.36.14


So finally here is my take on these gorgeous lipsticks:

  • Very pigmented! The colour does not fade even if you eat and drink.
  • What you see is really what you get! The colour is the same on your lips as it is in the tube
  • Very creamy! The texture is so creamy, they glide on and they don’t dry out bad like some lipstics do. I am not going to sit here and lie and say they stay on creamy for hours because they don’t but they don’t dry out either and turn gross on your lips.
  • I would say that once I put it on I don’t have to re-apply for at least good 2 hours. Even after the 2 hours yes they do fade and lose the creamy look of it but the colour is still there just not as bright. However, this does not bother me as I re-apply my lipstick often just by habit. But 2 hours is great in my opinion.
  • It brightens up your whole face! I wouldn’t suggest a full face of make up with these colours. Eyes should be plain, maybe just some liquid liner and mascara because these gorgeous lip colours will do their job on their own and make your entire face look so uplifted!
  • No scent to it. There is no taste or smell to it at all.

I am trying to think of one negative thing to say about these lipsticks but I really don’t have any. I don’t wear the three colours I have a swatch off on my hand often. Only on certain occasions but the Pink Pop I wear quite frequently and I am always being asked “oh what is that lipstick, it’s gorgeous”!.
They are about $10 CAD in any Drug mart. I am actually going back to pick up this gorgeous purple called Brazen Berry. tumblr_inline_mlhg8j7KTQ1qdetvy

For those days that you look tired or you don’t feel like doing the whole make up thing, all you need is this on your lips and your whole face will come alive and also for the days where you need to be dolled up in full done up, one of these colours will take your entire outfit to the next level.

Maybelline-Vivid-Colors-Lipstick(taken from Google)

Let me know what you think of these lipsticks if you have tried them!!!


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