My weight loss journey


Ever since I can remember I struggled with weight. I was never obese, far from it but I always had meat on my body and at times a little more than I should have. Most of the time I felt like I was at a borderline. Meaning, if I put on a few more pounds I would call myself  fat ( I apologize if this word offends anyone) and most times I succeeded at staying at the borderline.
Now, I never wanted to be skinny. Who wants bones covered with skin? Not attractive.  I like that meat on my bones , I appreciate my curves as I feel it’s what makes a woman, A WOMAN. But those curves should be firm, toned and healthy. I had my on and off periods, and my weight ALWAYS  fluctuated. a-woman-without-curves-is-like-jeans-without-pockets

I ate what I wanted but I was never big on junk food and I think I ate McDonalds like 5 times in my life lol. But I was big on sweets, pastries, cookies, and chips. MMMMMMMM…
I hated the gym, treadmill must be the most boring thing ever in life!!! However, I was active in other ways, I danced, I walked a lot, t so it never got out of hand. Plus when you are younger, your metabolism works faster and burns things quicker.

I am 5’5 and I’ve fluctuated between 138 lbs to 150 lbs for years. Now, 138 lbs to 147 lbs I didn’t mind that but 150 lbs was getting up there. When I gain weight it all goes to my stomach, ass, legs and face. I naturally have round chubby cheeks and it just was not pretty. However, I never let myself go….. until I did.

Well, about 2 years ago I was dealing with some personal issues and everything in my life turned upside down. Before I knew it, I was eating all that junk food, I was not active at all, it was always ok tomorrow i’ll start working out, ok tomorrow i’m cutting all this junk out but tomorrow never came. My brother who is a gym and health freak and who I can always count on to tell me the truth said “Hey Nina you are getting fat, you need to hit the gym and  cut all this shit out”. Although it hurt me I didn’t particularly care to do anything about.
I started noticing that no clothes fit me anymore, I would get winded just from bending over to tie my shoes, and shit I couldn’t even suck in my belly anymore to make tight dresses look decent.
I will never forget this day… I stepped on the scale and I saw 169!!!!! I freaked out. I was 170 pounds! That’s like almost 200 lbs in my mind. I felt sick to my stomach. What have I done to myself? How? When? In one year I put on more than 20 pounds. I told my friend that day “Esther, I cannot see 170 on that scale. I cannot.” She said “I know you, you will not let it happen”.
I had a physical the next day and my doctor told me I don’t look healthy, I am overweight, my cholesterol is extremely high, everything was just out of wack and it really scared me.

That was December 27th, 2012. I was 30 years old and I realized all this time when I wanted to lose weight was due to to vacation plans, some event, to look good, etc. THESE ARE THE WRONG REASONS. Yes, they can be motivations but these type of motivations do not last because after that vacation is done or that event you tried to look good for is over, you go back to the same ol’ crap and that’s because realistically you didn’t change shit. My thinking was all wrong and I hear this all the time from women. Oh I have a wedding to go to I have to lose 10 lbs … ummm okk… and what happens after the wedding?
So when I realized it’s about  A LIFESTYLE. It’s about being HEALTHY. Feeling good on the inside… and that will make you feel good on the outside. IT HAS TO BE A LIFESTYLE NOT JUST A CHANGE FOR A SPECIFIC OCCASION.
When I started to change my thinking, that’s when the pounds started shedding…healthy-Lifestyle

Losing weight is hard work and all these people who say oh it’s easy are lying. There are no easy 1 – 1o steps to weight loss. It takes dedication, motivation and discipline.

In 2 months, I lost 20 lbs. I didn’t starve myself or deprive myself of anything. I didn’t go on any diets. I did not kill myself in the gym.

I cut out:
Fried food
Greasy food
Processed meats and cold cuts
White flour food

That is it.

I incorporated:
and I kept my carbs because carbs are important but LOW CARBS and not going over your daily intake.

I learnt how to read labels and I paid attention to fat content, calories content and carbs content. I ate smaller meals but more often and when it came to food such as whole wheat pasta and brown rice  and even with certain vegetables (to avoid bloating) I only made my portions NO BIGGER THAN MY FIST SIZE. Very important to remember.

I replaced all my dressings with honey mustard.. I still put ketchup on everything because I am not trading ketchup for nothing in the world.
I still ate sweets and chips but low calorie cookies and granola boars and rice chips. And yes they taste great too and come in all flavours.
Hey, I baked too… all kinds of yummy stuff… muffins and cookies and cakes… but they were low fat banana muffins with peanut butter all under 80 cal… oatmeal cookies, low sugar coconut cookies…. so catch my drift?

I drank lots of water… and actually I am really not big on drinking water. I just don’t like water unless I am incredibly thirsty. So I drank a bottle (500ml) of water with half of lemon squeezed in it, every day. It was so refreshing and lemon water has amazing health benefits.

Eliminates toxins
Cleanses liver
Aids with weight loss
Assists with lowering high blood pressure , etc…

I did go to the gym 3 to 4 times a week but gym can be replaced with other activities. I did 30 mins of cardio, fast walking, light running, eliptical, etc. 30 mins 3 -4 times a week. After about 2 weeks, I incorporated light weights into my routine and from there started increasing it. super-broccoli

Now that I have given a general picture I will get into more detailed things in other posts. I have detailed meals that I created on my own, recipes, work out tips and other helpful info.
I have taken pics of my journey and I will be posting those too. I do have my before and after picture so look out for that too.
My journey is not done yet. I lost 20 lbs by April and now it’s June and I am still at 150. I’ve reached the plateau that everyone reaches and due to having a flu for a month it set me back some. I am not here to tell you I’ve succeeded and never went off track because that is simply not true.. you have your good days and your bad ones…but I did not gain anything as I’ve maintained my healthy eating. I would like to lose about 10 more lbs and be at 140lbs and keep that.

I am at a stage now where I also allow myself cheat meals… not cheat days.. cheat meals.  I’ll elaborate on this as well.


Til next time…images


2 thoughts on “My weight loss journey

  1. you are right – it’s dedication and discipline and patience as it takes time and planning. I know i’m special to have had sneak peaks of before and after pictures and it is remarkable. Still blows my mind you were able to loose 20lbs in such a short period of time. I need to get on that. So proud of you babe!!!!

  2. Oh Nicole, you look amazing. You’ve accomplished a lot with your health as well. I’m proud of you Gazer, I think I want to start incorporating those lemons in water… I’m just not a fan of water, but I should be drinking it more than I do.


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