VICHY Dermablend Foundation Review aka Miracle in a tube

It seems like I have always been on a search for a GOOD foundation. I just wanted to find one that gave me full coverage but did not look caked on or like I had a mask on. I did not want to feel it on my face. I also have dry skin and some foundations dry it out even more so and I’ll end up with clumps of flakes on my face.

I’ve tried more foundations than I can count. Everything from cheap drug mart ones, to pricey drug mart ones and then really expensive high end ones.
I did find a few I liked. I used Maybelline Liquid Moussedream-liquid-mousse-foundation_medium_pack-shot-crop for a while and I really love this one. It does give a pretty good coverage and it makes your skin look really healthy and glowy. But it does not last as long as I would like it to. Meaning, I could not go the entire 8 hours at work without re – applying.  Also if you have dry skin, this foundation is great because it is pretty oily, therefore moisturizing. Another great thing is that this foundation has an incredible number of different shades !

I’ve tried MAC foundation too such as Studio Tech, Matchmaster foundation and I know so many girls LOVE  and swear by MAC and I just simply do not. I never really got hype about MAC cosmetics. I feel they are ridicilously overpriced and really for what? I do like their lipglosses but that’s a whole other topic.

I got introduced to Vichy by this great girl I met who works in the Cosmetics part of Shoppers Drug Mart. I was in a desperate need to cover this madness that I am currently going through with my face (until I see the dermatologist) and she felt my pain and was so sweet and did a whole demonstration on me and I wanted to kiss her at the end of it all!

Here are some wonderful things about this foundation:

  • It covers absolutely everything! It is a corrective foundation designed for sensitive skin with imperfections such as acne, blemishes, spots, rosacea, etc. It covers absolutely all of it and right now it is the BEST time for me to test it as my skin is going through the WORST of times. Blemishes, spots, redness, pimples and it covers it all.
  • Concealer and Foundation in one! You do not need a concealer with this foundation. You can dab a little bit of the foundation on your imperfections and blend it in from there.
  • Does not cake on! It blends in incredibly smooth all over .
  • It leaves your face looking natural and dewey! It gives you such a healthy glow so you do not need any illuminators or highlighters.
  • Covers black under eye circles.
  • Your skin looks flawless and healthy
  • Paraben free, Fragrance free, Hypoallergenic.
  • Little goes a long way. The tube that it comes in is relatively small but the good thing is you truly need a tiny little drop for your entire face.
  • It lasts the entire day – no need to re-apply! It doesn’t run, it doesn’t disappear, it doesn’t fade. It stays the exact same way as when you put it on.

I have been using this foundation for a week now and I am so excited. If you are wondering why I have not listed any cons – well that’s because there aren’t any! Unless you want to say the packing looks unattractive but really who cares when the product is so amazing.

100023_lMy shade is 35 Sand. They have a few different shades and this tube cost me about $28CAD. So yes it’s slightly pricey but then again MAC and some other high end ones are $40CAD and more. As well as Drug Mart foundations are up in $20’s too.
The way I apply this:

I always put a good moisturizes on my skin before applying any foundation. Partially because my skin is so dry and also because the foundation just goes on smoother and looks better.
I rub in the cream well so it is all saturated in my skin. I let it sit for a few seconds. Then I apply the cover up by either using my finger tips or a make up sponge.

I prefer using my fingers because I have more control that way and I am able to blend it in better but I do use sponges occasionally such as these ———> wedge-sponges

I squeeze out a small amount like so 04052012828 and that’s enough for both cheeks and my chin. I squeeze out half of that for my forehead and just work it all in.

I strongly recommend this and I will never ever change my foundation again!

I hate my skin right now because I have no idea what is happening to it and I am really being brave here broadcasting the way my face looks now but for the purpose of this it had to be done! Here is my before and after.
20130521_184749 2013-05-27 14.04.19 No it is not photoshopped. It is this wonderful foundation and picture taken by my phone with no special effects.


3 thoughts on “VICHY Dermablend Foundation Review aka Miracle in a tube

  1. WtG Sweets! Lovin the foundation article, whats a good way to colour match your face without testing on your face?

  2. Dear Blaze hehe… well the BEST way to test foundation is actually along your jawline. I know you said without testing it on your face but the truth is the best way to test a product that you will wear on your face is well your face lol. I know many claim to test at the back of your wrist, your neck, your chest , etc but I don’t agree. Your wrist is a good way to tell you what your skin undertone is and that is also important to know when picking the right foundation. We either have, warm , cool or neutral undertones. Based on your undertone you would decide if you need a foundation with a pink or yellowish tones. (I can elaborate on this if you’d like) I find it oftentimes if I test a foundation at the back of my wrist it ends up being too light for my face. You also have to determine what type of foundation you need based on your skin type, because there are so many powder, cream, liquid, mousse, etc. So dab a little bit along your jawline and blend it in well and in my opinion is the best way to tell. However, if you absolutely do not want to try it on your face, what I do sometimes is test it on the side of my wrist and between my thumb area as I feel it’s closest to matching my face skin tone. Hope that helped. XO.

  3. Hello, I’ve just written a review of Vichy Dermablend and was curious to see what other bloggers were saying about it. I have oily and acne-prone skin, and I agree that the coverage and glowy finish are gorgeous! Have you tried the matching concealer yet? I think it could do with the foundation being a bit longer-lasting, and I’ve heard that the concealer is thicker, so would be interested to hear if anyone else has tried it.
    Looking forward to reading more of your posts, and I hope you’re having a lovely weekend!
    Effie xx


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