I go through a lot of products on a weekly basis. I love to try different cosmetics even when I find a product that works well for me. I get bored and I simply want to try other things because there are just so many to choose from! However, there are also things that change with each season.

So being May now , these are my favourites for this month!

1. The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter Image
I love body butters from the Body Shop and my favourite of all time is the Shea Body Butter. I feel that with coconut, vanilla, etc scents people either love it or hate it. It’s a hit or miss. For me I absolutely love coconut scent. I have tried other coconut body butters but not from the Body Shop. Since for Mother’s Day they had a great sale of 3 body butters for $15CAD (one is around $20CAD) so I picked it up.
OMG it is absolutely heavenly. First of all, the smell is very natural and not that chemical coconut smell. It is very strong yet subtle at the same time and that is very important for me as I have migraines and strong smells trigger it! It is very thick in texture but yet it goes on so smoothly and rubs in easily. It leaves your skin incredibly moisturized and for long period of time. No need to re-apply or layer up. Lastly, it leaves a pretty glow and the scent lingers.

2. Garnier Body – 7 days Ultra Softening Lotion with Mango Oilgarnier-body-intensive-7day-400ml-shea-mango-oil-600x600
This product claims to leave your skin moisturized for a week without having to re-apply. I am not sure if I agree with that BUT it does leave your skin moisturized for a prolong period of time. It is meant for dry skin, which I have extremely dry skin and it hydrates great. There are different scents but I happen to pick up Mango Oil and it smells very fresh and fruity with a touch of sun screen  but hey I love the smell of sun screen! The scent is very light and not like majority of Garnier products which are heavy and flowery smelling. Also, if you don’t like for the lotion scent to linger on, this one goes away pretty fast. It’s not thick in texture but it does the job. I picked this up for about $10CAD at Drug Mart but the bottle is pretty large so it’s well worth it.

3. Argan Oil Curl CreamSBS-539485
I have so many different products for my curls I can open my own shop but yet I am always in search of new ones. I picked up this curling cream for Sally’s , it’s a relatively small tube and quite pricey although I cant recall the exact price but I absolutely love it. It is a leave in cream. It’s very thick and greasy when you squeeze it into your hand but when you work it through your hair it does not leave it oily at all! I love for my curls to be defined and separated but not crunchy and hard in a way that mousse would leave them and this cream does exactly that! It defines and separates and gives volume without any residue or hardness to it. I do suggest putting it on damp or wet hair as it’s harder to get it through on dry. It also hydrates and nourishes your hair as well. It smells good too , very light and creamy.

4. Garnier Sleek & Shine Moroccan Oil Treatment – Frizzy, Dry HairGarnier-Fructis-Sleek-Shine-Moroccan-Sleek-Oil-Treatment
What I absolutely love about this hair oil is that I can use it when I leave my hair curly or for straightening my hair. It works amazing for both. If I am leaving my hair curly, I use this product last after I have put in my leave in conditioner and whatever other products, I use this to seal everything. My hair just drinks this up and you can see instant shine and gloss. It hydrates the hair so great. I used this also when flat ironing my hair, only a quarter and rub it all through my hair and it left it frizz free, with no fly away’s and it exactly what it says: sleek! It does not grease it up either. It has this really sugary and warm smell to it but not overwhelming. You can find it in any drug mart store for about $5CAD.

5. Kinky Curly Spiral Spritz
This product can be found in any beauty supply store and while some may say this line of products is for African-American Kinky Curly Spiral Spritztexture hair I think this product can be used by anyone with curly hair! I love their line period. The smell is the only sucky thing about it. Smell almost like medicine but it’s great for your hair. The texture is that of a hair gel but without the crunch. It shapes the curls without leaving them heavy. What I really love about this product is that it’s great for second day curls. Normally after you sleep on your curls you will wake up with them looking squished and flat but this product revives them back to looking fresh! This was $12CAD at a Beauty Supply store.

6. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain300 revlon-just-bitten-kissable-balm-stain-honey
I finally picked these up and I am going back for more colours. I only got two colours so far. The pink one, Cherish Devotion and brownish one, Honey Douce. First of all, the packaging is so cool, they look like markers! They smell minty and fresh. They last a very long time, no matter what, drinking, eating, etc. And although I find that a lot of prolonged lip stuff dries out your lips, makes them feel sticky and prickly, not this! It’s very soft and moisturizing. Even though some colours are pretty vibrant if you apply it once, it comes on very natural and faint looking, but if you want a more obvious look, just apply a few times and voila! They are a bit pricey I believe I paid $12-$15CAD for each but they last a long time.

7. Bonne Bell Lipblush56931_NP

I really don’t care for chapsticks. I am addicted to lipglosses but I needed a chapstick the other day and picked this up because it was cheap like $3CAD. It smells divine, like candy! It’s so soft and smooth and while I am not sure that this product is a chapstick to me it seems like one hehe… it has very soft sheer to it, sheer lilac. You cannot really see it but you see a touch of sheer on your lips. This one is serene strawberry.

8. Moroccan Argan Oil Organic Moisturizer20130521_164613

I picked this up midst my break outs because I wanted to use something very natural as my facial moisturizer. This one (brand does not matter they are all great I believe as long as all natural) is multi purprose. It can be used for hair, skin, nails and cuticles. All I need is two drops and I work it into my skin and yes it is an oil but it does not leave a greasy residue on my face. It all soaks in and feels so soft and I have noticed that it improved elasticity of my skin as well. It has no scent to it at all, it does not feel heavy and it leaves my face hydrated and you can wear it under your foundation ! This small bottle was about $5CAD at Drug mart.

9. Femme Couture Get Radiant Complexion Enhancer51Km5YxkZkL._SY450_

This product is sort of a creamy textured product that you can mix into your primer, foundation or lotion and put on your face to create a brighter glow for dull skin and enhance the look of it. You can also use it by itself on your cheeks to create a radiant and revived look to your face. For nights I don’t get enough sleep and wake up looking like a zombie I dab a bit of this on each of my cheeks and I instantly look awake and refreshed. It really has no colour to it. It just glows! I love it. I picked this up at Sally’s for about $10CAD. Pricey!!!

So here they are. I hope you try at least some of these because I vouch for all of them.



2 thoughts on “MAY FAVOURITES!

  1. I am completely with you on the body butter – absolutely LOVE IT!!!! Wish I had picked up the Argan Oil Cream – my hair really needs some volume and I should invest in this Kinky business so that my hair could last on day two

  2. Argan Oil is awesome. I will send you some Kinky Curls products in my package so you can see if you like it.


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