Burt’s Bees Soap Bark and Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream

In my desperate search for a good cleanser as my skin just went totally bananas on me (redness, itchy bumps, pimples and blemishes – all at the same time!!) I read a lot of reviews on Burt’s Bees products. I’ve seen these around at different Drug marts but they are quite pricey for a drug mart product so I kept it moving.

After reading about them I realized they are all made from natural ingredients and people seem to swear by them. So I went and bought the cleansing cream and an anti-blemish targeted spot treatment.

After, the first time of using the cleansing cream, the next morning, the redness from my face was significantly less! I could not believe it. No the bumps were not gone. But the redness practically was. What I did was fash my face thoroughly with it and then applied the spot treatment to my bumps (technically they are not spots but I tried!) and while I was impressed with the cleanser, I did not have the same good impression with the anti-blemish liquid. I tried it a few times and then gave up. Maybe I was expecting results too fast? I dont know.

Here are some amazing things about this cleanser:

  • It’s sooo creamy! It almost feels like a mask. The texture is pretty thick and it smooths over your face so nicely and lathers up great.
  • It smells refreshing! some may say it smells a little like medicine but to me it’s very refreshing.
  • It leaves your skin feeling incredibly clean and soft. Does not dry out at all.
  • It has a cooling and tingly effect.

I would strongly recommend this product to those with:

  • dry and sensitive skin
  • acne , blemish prone skin
  • heavy make up users

I would not recommend this product to those who:

  • have oily skin – as the product is very creamy, thick almost buttery
  • it does not remove make up actually, so if you are expecting to wash your face with this and your make up to come off it will not do that. You still have to use make up wipes or some kind of a make up remover and use this to wash your face after.

This is only after about 3 weeks of using it and I love it.




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