Face Care – Rosacea and Burt’s Bees???Dry, red, sensitive, problematic skin.

Do I have Rosacea? Acne? What is it???

I went through most of my years without any significant skin (face) problems. No pimples, acne, eczema, rosacea, none of that. I feel like if you will have problems with your facial skin it will be in your teens and early 20s when your hormones are raging. I would get an occasional pimple close to my period time but that’s about it.
One thing I did have is extremely dry skin. I would scratch my face and little white flakes would fly off!

However, all these years I never particularly took good care of my skin as I did not have any issues.  I would take my make up off with vaseline, wash my face with warm water and apply a face cream that my mom used from back home, called Solea that I can remember my mom and my grandma using it since forever! I don’t know much about it except that it’s oily and thick and my mom swears by it.

Well in my late 20s, it all changed. All of a sudden my cheeks got rosy and well um stayed rosy PERMANENTLY. I also had some weird red bumps that would itch at times. I thought first it was allergies. It would go away and come back. So I started experimenting with different cleansers and toners. The bumps went away, redness stayed and I just used cover up to conceal it.

So, in the past year, my face has gotten really bad. I have tried every product there is. I changed the make up I use to see if it’s allergies of some sort. I tried natural cleansers, soaps, oils, treatments, gosh I did it all and spent TONS of money on it. I have so many products at home I can open up my own pharmacy! I watched numerous youtube videos and read articles then ran and bought products these girls swore by. I was desperate! I just felt so dirty having my face looking this way.  Redness and bumps everywhere, now on my forehead too! They come in clusters and they are pretty damn big.

Sometimes I will wake up in the morning and it seems as if they have gotten smaller (although the redness remains) but as soon as I wash my face and the water touches it and I go on about my day, the bumps return. The cover up is not working so much anymore. It conceals the redness but it makes the bumps more evident.

I diagnosed myself with Rosacea. I still have not been to a dermatologist but I finally do have an appointment so we will see if I am right lol. Looking at some of these pictures of rosacea mine does not look like this exactly… it is red and bumpy, but i do not have it on my nose, the skin is not thick and there are no protruding lines.

I found a product I really like and until the dermatologist diagnoses me and gives me something else I am still with Burt’s Bees Soap Bark and Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream which I will do a full review on because it deserves it!


4 thoughts on “Face Care – Rosacea and Burt’s Bees???Dry, red, sensitive, problematic skin.

  1. Hi Nina!

    I know you posted this a while ago, but do you have any updates? Did you find out whether it was Rosacea or not? Please let me know as I’m struggling with the same symptoms as you were.

    Thanks so much!!
    – Katie

    1. Hi Katie,

      I did find out and it was Rosacea and it was very bad! They prescribed me an antibiotic cream which I was against at first but there really was no other way. It took about a month to clear up my skin and I can happily say that since then and it’s been over a year now my face has been great.
      Since the antibiotic cream cleared it, I have only been using Cetaphil to wash my face, Vichy cream to moisturize and Vichy foundation. It does suck that you cannot experiment with different products but knowing how bad my skin was, I don’t want to risk it and I’d rather stick to what I know will not cause any inflammation.
      I believe I only had a bad inflammation once since then but around my cycle I will get a bump or two but they go away in a day. I can actually go out without foundation and concelear which is a big change!
      My cheeks will forever be a little rosy but no itch, hot feeling, burning or these big red spots.
      I hope this helps. I would recommend you do go see a dermatologist if you haven’t because I’ve tried to make it better on my own but nothing helped.
      Let me know if you have any other questions.

      All the best!

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