Loving my new shades from Glow Glam đź’–

I actually received them some time ago but I have been dealing with wisdom teeth issues so I have been pretty miserable and haven’t posted much at all.

I’ve been meaning to order these sunglasses for a while now. There are many dope styles but these stood out. The name of these beauties is Cali Rose.

They are a pretty good quality as well. Very sturdy and sit comfortable on your face.

With shipping costs it came to $50 CAD and it took a week for the package to arrive.

I’m having wisdom teeth surgery on Wednesday which is something I’ve been putting off for 8 years but here I go lol 

Have a wonderful weekend XO

Nina XO 

Graffiti Alley Toronto

Hello loves! I went to a part of Toronto a little while back where there are a few alleys with amazing graffiti art. So yes graffiti is illegal but from what I read is that once a year the city gives 24 hours where you can graffiti legally here. Anyway I have been in this country for 21 years  and never checked this out but it was amazing. I think it’s really hard to do this and takes great talent so I wanted to share some pictures with you all!

I went with my boyfriend and I wish I had someone to take a few photos of us because it would’ve been really cool to frame a few of these but here’s one we got lol

What do you guys think? Isn’t it pretty cool? 

This is what I love about Toronto. There are so many hidden and random but cool things to see and do.
Nina XO

Fri-daze MOTD

Happy Friday! It’s Labour day here so I’m looking forward to the long weekend. I have been meaning to straighten my hair for a while now and finally got around to doing it. I mean you might be wondering what the big deal is, but straightening my hair is a long and tedious process which I get annoyed and tired half way through. I also try not to do it as it’s not the best thing for my already damaged hair. 

But here we go….

I also trimmed it a bit. Not that it matters because the chemical damage from years of abuse prevents my hair from frowning past my bra strap. 

Lips: I’ve mixed Gerard cosmetics Enchante and Coffee Bean lipglosses. I actually like this combo. 

I’ve also ordered Glow Glam sunglasses and I’m hoping they arrive today. Have you guys seen these? There are different styles but these are the ones I got in pink. 

Nina xo 

Day time smokey eye

Hello beautiful people! I can’t believe I’m about to say this but I’m tired of summer. I cannot wait for fall. I love fall fashion, fall smell in the air, just general the feel of fall. Unfortunately, fall is extremely short lasting in Toronto. 

Anyhow, I haven’t done a smokey eye look in a really long time. Today my face needed a little “pick me up” so I decided to do a bit more than I normally do for office days. 

Maybe this isn’t what you would consider a smokey eye but to me whenever I wear a dark eye shadow it’s smokey! lol 

On my lips, I’m also wearing one of my favourite nude lipsticks, MAC’s Blankety. 
What’s your favourite season? And why? 

Nina xo

Wedding flow 

No not my wedding lol. I went to a family wedding this weekend with my parents. It was really nice as we barely all get together like this anymore. I really did not want to wear a dress so I went with this black jump suit from H&M. 

Black is always classy and elegant. And I really like the style of this jump suit. 
I wanted to add a gold belt but decided against it. Although it doesn’t photograph well, the jump suit has a belt with tassels already. 

This is my amazing mom who decided on a jump suit herself! 

Paired it up with nude /gold sandals from Aldo which I’m surprised to say were incredibly comfortable. I find Aldo shoes very rough on my feet but these were great. 

Make up: 

Face: Vichy foundation/ Elizabeth Arden highlighter in rose gold/ 

Eyes: Naked 2 palette / MAC liquid eyeliner/ Smashbox full exposure mascara 

Lips: MAC Heroine 
Hope everyone had a great weekend. 

Nina xo  


It’s been a crazy busy long week and I’m so happy it’s the weekend. I absolutely love this skirt I got at H&M for only $7! 

I love neon colours. They just scream summer! I also love how they make me look tanned even when I’m not lol 

It’s a silky maxi skirt with a underskirt that’s actually a little more short than I’d like it to be. 

The crop top although you can’t see details is actually super cute as it has little pink Lipsticks on it. I got that at Dynamite. Do you guys have that store in the US and Europe??? 

Anyhow. I’ve been finding myself reaching for my glasses more and more. I only used to wear them at work but my eyes feel so dry lately and tired. But I think they are growing on me and believe me I fought and fought to have to wear them lol. 

I hope you enjoy your weekend. Stay stafe! 

Nina xo 

Dark glam

Hello loves! I hope everyone has had a great week. I don’t know about you but I normally associate dark, deep lip colours with fall/winter time. Summer is for bright and loud colours. But I find myself this summer reaching for dark lippies a lot! 

So I went out last Saturday as it was Caribana weekend in Toronto. And this was my hair/make up look. 

I feel so gothic lol with my freshly dyed black hair and dark make up look. 

I love this lippie. It’s black cherry tart intense butter gloss by NYX. This colour is everything and I already know I’ll be rocking this a lot come fall. 

I think these intense butter glosses by NYX are amazing. They are so shiny and feel great on the lips. And they also stay on long. 

Nina xo 

Army green still one of my fave colours 

My wardrobe is slowly changing from bright and loud colours to nudes, earthy and natural tones. I still love bright colours but find myself less and less reaching for these items in stores. 

I absolutely love army green or olive green. Whatever you may call it. 

This is just a cute simple dress that I picked up for all of $10! 

The shoes are also army green but unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of them. They are my favourite go to shoes this summer and I get so many compliments on them so I’ll definitely show them in another post. 
I hope everyone has an amazing weekend. 

Nina xo 

Back to black 

I have changed my hair 4 times in the past 6 months! I am so impulsive with my hair and always been. After being red and wanting to go ombrĂ© with blonde and brown tones and getting there I just dyed it black. So all that bleaching was for nothing! Ahhh will I ever learn? 

Anyway I love jet black hair. It’s simple but exotic. And for me, having naturally dark brown hair, black is easy to maintain and once the roots starts showing its not a huge deal. 

Now I’m doing masks and treatments as my curls have relaxed once again. But that’s fine I’ll get them back. 

I am looking so forward to the long weekend. 

Love you guys!
Nina xo 

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