Happy 2017!


Happy New Years everyone! I know I am a few days late but I want to wish everyone an amazing, healthy and successful year ahead.

I didn’t go out to on New Years Eve, just like the previous year and I always feel guilty for not celebrating. In my culture, New Years Eve is a big deal and you must go out and party and be festive, so I grew up always doing these over the top parties. In recent years, I don’t know if I am just old and boring but I don’t feel for it. Plus, it’s cold and everything is expensive and not fun like it used to be.

How did you spend your NYE?

Anyhow, this is one of the first make up looks I did in the new year. I am in love with this purple lipstick by LA Girl. It’s from their matte collection and it’s called Love Triangle.


It’s a really vibrant purple with a blue undertone. (Yes I did change my chokers between pics because the gold one was scratching my neck! lol)

If I can say one thing that I don’t like is that it stains my lips bright pink! Like fuschia. And it stays on for the entire day no matter what.


I picked up a few more of their lipsticks from the same matte collection and I am really happy with all of them. I will go back for more shades.

I also got a few of their lipglosses that I am not happy with at all and a highlighter that is really pretty but doesn’t distribute smoothly.  So maybe I’ll do another blog post as a review.

Have you tried any products from LA Girl Cosmetics?

Until next time! Nina xo

Happy Holidays 

Happy Holidays beautiful people! I hope all those who celebrate Christmas had a wonderful past few days and those who don’t still used the holiday season to get together with their loved ones and enjoy the time we have off work anyway lol

My family doesn’t celebrate Christmas in a religious sense but we definitely get together, sing and dance and exchange gifts. 

I’ve always wanted a white tree with just silver and glitter ornaments but white trees are so expensive and I could not justify spending over $200 for something I’d use once a year. However, I found this one at Walmart for much much cheaper and had to get it!

I got all the ornaments from the dollarstore and lights came with the tree. My heart was filled with joy haha 

I just had to share it with you guys!

Merry Christmas from us to you 💟

‘Tis the season 

Hello beautiful people! I wish you could see how golden and shiny my sweater is lol I love it. How appropriate for the holiday season, right? 

I did a beer rinse on my hair last night and as usual I love what it does for my curls. If you haven’t seen that post on my blog before, beer rinse serves as the cleanser for your hair.  It removes all the product build up and frees your hair from all the junk. 

I’ve also been loving this coral lipstick and how it makes my face alive cuz I’ve been tired and dull lately 😣
It’s YSL- Extreme Coral. 

What do you have planned for holidays???

Nina xo 

Straight hair don’t care 😑

I rarely ever straighten my hair.  It’s truly a once in a blue  occurrence but lately it’s been so cold and I find that hats just look better on me when my hair is straight….does that make any sense? Lol 
Another thing I’ve noticed is when my hair is left natural, meaning curly I’ll have people say to me omg your hair is so nice but when I straighten my hair I’ll get wow you look so pretty….🤔 so im not pretty with my curly hair? Yeah….

My hair has been getting extremely  tangled lately which is also one of the reasons I straightened it. The knots I’ve been pulling out are unreal. Do you have any detanglers you recommend? Share please!
Anyway, I cannot wait to share my beautiful white Christmas Tree with you guys. I am so proud lol. 

Hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday.  

About the other day…

Hello gorgeous people! it’s been absolutely crazy busy the past month as I was moving….something I hope I do not have to do again for a long time. I hate moving with a passion. I haven’t worn make up or even brushed my hair lol as I simply still am unpacked and don’t know where anything is!!! But this week I was asked if I am sick since my face looks different ….rude, right? so I figured it’s time I start looking human again.
Here is a look I did a few days ago. 

And I love what no hair dye has done to my curls!  my hair is healthy again. 
The other day I almost dyed it because all the shades I have underneath are starting to show slowly and it’s driving me nuts but better to have healthy hair than dope colour and fried frizzy mess with stringy curls. 

Miss you all  

Nina xo 

I believe in pink

Said Audrey Hepburn….. 
I have been mainly wearing neutral and  earth tones lately.  My go to lipstick had been various shades of brown and taupe colours as well as my eye shadows but I decided to change it up a little with this pink look.  

This pink eye shadow is from my BH cosmetics palette (blanking on the name now) but I really love it because I feel it’s perfect for brown eyes. It really makes them pop!

I also have a touch of white shimmer in inner corners. 
On my lips is NYX Merengue lip gloss which will forever be one of my favourites. 

I have been neglecting my blog yet again because I am in the process of moving so with purging and packing I’ve been so busy. 

I cannot wait to finally move in and set up everything and go nuts with home decor. I also am so happy to move in before thr holidays because finally I get to have my white Christmas Tree !!!! 
Nina xo 

The most gorgeous dresses ! Right here.


Dresses are the first thing I look at for any special occasion, wedding, New Years’ eve but also for work, and other non-fancy events. You can’t go wrong with a dress. There are so many different styles to fit any occasion and body type. With the Holiday Season approaching slowly – I can’t believe Christmas is around the corner! Anyhow, with the festivities approaching upon us, I am featuring some fancy gowns here from

This site has a huge selection of every type of dress and gown you can possibly think of and desire!
Here are my three favourites:

Trumpet/Mermaid Bateau Appliques Prom Dresses/Evening Dresses #DQ015
Trumpet/Mermaid Bateau Appliques Prom Dresses/Evening Dresses #DQ015


This black lace mermaid style dress is simply beautiful. I love the deep cut in the back and the little brush trail. It is so elegant and definitely a head turner. I normally would choose a pop of colour when wearing all black but I would opt out for plain black bumps and silver jewelry with this dress. Lace and the pattern of it, is such a stand out on its own.

Click on Evening Dresses UK to view more dress like this one!

A-line Scoop Floor-length Tulle Prom Dresses Silver Prom Dress #SP8191
A-line Scoop Floor-length Tulle Prom Dresses Silver Prom Dress #SP8191

This one is breathtaking. The colour, the style, the fabric, EVERYTHING. Even though, it’s such simple and plain colour, the rhinestones and the tulle fabric make it pop. This dress would be perfect for prom, or any other fancy event. The accessories and shoes options for this dress are endless! For me personally, I love anything that glitters, so I would pair it up with silver glittery shoes, and lots of bling!

For more of these type of dresses please click on Cheap Prom Dresses UK!

Scoop Short/Mini Tulle Homecoming Dresses Lace Short Prom Dresses #SP8333
Scoop Short/Mini Tulle Homecoming Dresses Lace Short Prom Dresses #SP8333

If long dresses are not your thing and you prefer to show a bit of leg, you can find short fancy dresses as well.  I am not a big fan of gold (anymore!) but this really caught my eye.
Since the dress is on the fancier side, I’d go with simple nude pumps and a beige clutch and minimal jewelry.


Let me know which one is your favourite or check out the website to see more of these beautiful dresses!


Nina xo

Fresh faced

I trimmed my hair a few days ago myself and my curls became alive instantly.  Due to all the damage I inflicted on my hair through the years my hair doesn’t really grow past my collar bone so when I get an inch or two I hold onto it, dry ends and all lol. But I hate when everything is curly then ends hang straight and dead. So I cut it off and what a difference!

It’s better to have short hair that looks healthy than long hair that looks dry and damaged and hangs like a mop. 

So I love it when my curls cooperate I feel like I don’t even need make up, my face looks just  fine lol

This is one of  my takes on minimum make up and natural look on the go. 

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Nina XO 

Home decor items I’ve been wanting

So, I never blog much about home decor but besides make up and fashion, home decor is something I truly enjoy! It’s probably my main passion at the moment where I thought about changing careers and going into interior design. 

I do have a particular style which involves a lot of mirrored furniture, crystal, glass, neutral tones and occasional glitter lol. 

I am moving in December and although I don’t NEED anything I definitely WANT a while bunch of stuff. 

I went to Pier 1 and Homesense yesterday and saw some cute items I really want. 

I am totally obsessed with crystal things such as the stand of this lamp. I already have a trey, candle holders like this and this lamp would fit right in. $99 Homesense

To go along with my crystal collection, these decorative balls are everything! $22 Pier 1

These glittery little balls are super cute and only a $1 each from Pier 1 as well. I purchased 2 of these for my coffee table centre piece. 

I also got this from Pier 1 last night too! Although it’s a Christmas tree ornament I don’t plan to use it as such. This can fully be on my vanity or a shelf as a decorative piece. $4.95 each. 

Now, I feel like you will either love or hate this and I absolutely love it! It would go great with my living room theme . It’s  $60 and I’m trying to be cost effective too so I’m not sure if it’s worth that  ugh.  

To add to my glamourous crystal collection lol I really like these glasses but I don’t necessarily need them so they are low on my list. Plus I would probably have a heart attack whenever anyone would drink out of them.

I also really liked this too and I’m not entirely sure what it is bit it’s pretty lol 

Ahhh there were so many beautiful things and I cannot believe stores already have holiday stuff up on the shelves. In my opinion, although some of these items are seasonal I fully think you can use them as every day decor as long as it’s done tastefully! 
Nina XO 

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