It’s been a crazy busy long week and I’m so happy it’s the weekend. I absolutely love this skirt I got at H&M for only $7! 

I love neon colours. They just scream summer! I also love how they make me look tanned even when I’m not lol 

It’s a silky maxi skirt with a underskirt that’s actually a little more short than I’d like it to be. 

The crop top although you can’t see details is actually super cute as it has little pink Lipsticks on it. I got that at Dynamite. Do you guys have that store in the US and Europe??? 

Anyhow. I’ve been finding myself reaching for my glasses more and more. I only used to wear them at work but my eyes feel so dry lately and tired. But I think they are growing on me and believe me I fought and fought to have to wear them lol. 

I hope you enjoy your weekend. Stay stafe! 

Nina xo 

Dark glam

Hello loves! I hope everyone has had a great week. I don’t know about you but I normally associate dark, deep lip colours with fall/winter time. Summer is for bright and loud colours. But I find myself this summer reaching for dark lippies a lot! 

So I went out last Saturday as it was Caribana weekend in Toronto. And this was my hair/make up look. 

I feel so gothic lol with my freshly dyed black hair and dark make up look. 

I love this lippie. It’s black cherry tart intense butter gloss by NYX. This colour is everything and I already know I’ll be rocking this a lot come fall. 

I think these intense butter glosses by NYX are amazing. They are so shiny and feel great on the lips. And they also stay on long. 

Nina xo 

Army green still one of my fave colours 

My wardrobe is slowly changing from bright and loud colours to nudes, earthy and natural tones. I still love bright colours but find myself less and less reaching for these items in stores. 

I absolutely love army green or olive green. Whatever you may call it. 

This is just a cute simple dress that I picked up for all of $10! 

The shoes are also army green but unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of them. They are my favourite go to shoes this summer and I get so many compliments on them so I’ll definitely show them in another post. 
I hope everyone has an amazing weekend. 

Nina xo 

Back to black 

I have changed my hair 4 times in the past 6 months! I am so impulsive with my hair and always been. After being red and wanting to go ombré with blonde and brown tones and getting there I just dyed it black. So all that bleaching was for nothing! Ahhh will I ever learn? 

Anyway I love jet black hair. It’s simple but exotic. And for me, having naturally dark brown hair, black is easy to maintain and once the roots starts showing its not a huge deal. 

Now I’m doing masks and treatments as my curls have relaxed once again. But that’s fine I’ll get them back. 

I am looking so forward to the long weekend. 

Love you guys!
Nina xo 

My obsession with vanities

I absolutely love a beautifully set up vanity. I am not showing mine here today as I am in the process of changing the table but I often browse for ideas and I had to show you 4 of my favourite vanities. 
I love the elegant and classy look. Not cluttered either. 

These are in no particular order as I love them all! 

My bedroom is actually white/grey/silver with turquoise accents. This would fit right in.

This set up looks so regal. Simplistic but such a statement piece of furniture. 

You can’t go wrong with black. It’s so classy and this vanity also has plenty of storage space. 

This is just so beautiful. Super girly but still elegant. 

As you can see, there’s a theme here. Glass vanity (with an exception of black one).  I am a sucker for anything glass. Glass furniture pieces, glass accents, etc. 

Once I set up mine I’ll share it here. 

Nina xo 

A few summer outfits

Hey my loves! I hope your week started amazing. I can’t believe it’s almost end of July already! Anyhow, I haven’t posted in a minute so here are a few of my recent outfits. 

This is one of my favourite dresses. I love the pattern of it. But, it’s really stretchy and super comfy. 

I have also been into these loose dresses that don’t have a shape to them. I never liked these kind of dresses before as I found them to be not very flattering but it depends how you wear them really. 

I also think the colour is gorgeous and it’s silky so perfect for summer. Light and airy. 

This third outfit is a simple white pants and a white tee with the bronze detail. 

I also have been into just simple tees with a basic design on them. You can really make them look nice depending on what you pair them up here. 

I opted out for flats with each of these. 

These gold ones are my go to. They are so comfortable and I can run a marathon in them. 

The silky white ones are super cute too but yes they do get dirty fast. That’s the only downfall. 

Nina xo 

Summer ’16 must haves

I feel like 2016has been a year of less is more and simplicity is really in. This has been true when it comes to make up as well as wardrobe. These are 5 of my 2016 summer must haves. 

I am all for getting dolled up but I think 2016 has been , minimum eye make up, only brows and lashes, highlighter and a lipstick of choice. 

Nail art kind of went out of style as well and simple, white polish has been the go to choice. 

In terms of clothes, every day choice is jean shorts , tank top and slippers. 

1. Sunscreen 

Well this isn’t just 2016 Summer must have its really any Summer or any season for that matter. 

2. Sunglasses

This one is a Summer must have period. Besides being useful it’s a fashionable choice too. I always have a pair of shades in my bag. 

3. Slippers

I’m not talking about flip flops as you can see but actual slippers. They can be simple or a bit more fancy. I love these Hermes ones. 

4. Strappy sandals

Even though they are flats they can make any outfit dressy because of the straps. Call them gladiator shoes, strappy shoes, call them what you want, but you need to have a pair. 

5. Distressed jean shorts

Everything distressed is in now. Best thing you don’t even need to buy them. You can make your own. 

Anyway. This is what I find myself in these days. And although it sounds casual you can actually make it look really nice. 

Pair up your Jean shorts with any colour tank top, strappy sandals, bright coloured lips and your shades and you’re good to go! 

Tell me what your Summer must have is! 

Nina xo

💙 fotd

Have you noticed that lately my make up looks have been getting more and more simplified? That’s because it’s humid and sticky and who wants to wear make up when it’s like that and worry about it sliding down your face? Not I. 

Highlight is poppin if I may say so myself lol

Eyes: Kat Von D Tattoo eyeliner / Rimmel London Scandaleyes Mascara

Face: Bobbi Brown liquid foundation in Warm Beige / Colourpop highlighter in Wisp

Lips: Gerard Cosmetics Enchante lipstick 

A lot of you ask me what lashes I wear. Honestly, they aren’t a fancy brand, they are simple lashes from dollar store for $3. Yup! 
Nina xo

Electric blue

 I shared this jump suit before but every time I put it on I fall in love with it all over again, so why not share a second time? I adore the colour, it’s extremely comfy and gorgeous. 

This is a Michael Kors jump suit I found at Marshalls for only $50. It’s a great deal. 
You can dress it up or down, really depending on what shoes you choose to wear with it. 

Today I have decided on these Marc Fisher wedges which are really light and my feet can endure all day. Plus they are a nude/beige shade so they go great with any outfit. 

Jumpsuits and rompers is something I love to wear and will never go out of style for me. 

How do you guys feel about one piece suits? 
Nina xo

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