Vampy (MOTD)

IMG_6771I was experimenting with some lipsticks I have and created this shade, which I actually quite like. It’s a mix of brown, purple and deep red colour. I’d love to be able to find a lipstick like this, so I don’t have to apply 3 different ones each time. So if you have any suggestions, please share!


I am quite comfortable rockin any lip shade and don’t normally stick to any one particular colour but I do feel a bit “iffy” with this colour. It’s really bold and in your face and super dark.

What do you guys think?

Nina xo

Hair colour change (fall edition)

IMG_6479Even though I said I wouldn’t touch my hair for a while as I really liked my ombre and also because I wanted it to heal and grow some more, but not touching it for 6 months is a while, right? Anyway, I wanted a deep burgandy which I love but it’s especially suitable for fall and winter. Yes I do change my hair colour according to seasons :)

Due to the fact that I had ombre and it was three different shades, the burgandy came out like that too, which I really like. So it goes from dark and deep to slightly more vibrant in the middle and the ends are the brightest.


I actually used a drug store colour – L’Oreal Feria Power Violet




One woman army OOTD

IMG_6473One of my favourite fall colours is this army green. Even though the weather is still really nice here in Toronto, I am kind of longing for fall.

Outfit is from H&M. Shoes from Winners.


I had a really nice and relaxing wknd. I went to a spa on Sunday, which was the highlight of my wknd. I love getting pampered and massaged but who doesn’t, right?

I hope everyone’s had a great wknd!

And you may notice that my hair colour is looking different and yup I went back on my word and dyed it yet again – that post is coming up next!

Nina xo

Doing my friend Brandy’s make up!

IMG_5943First of all – thank you Brandy for allowing me to do your make up girl! It was fun and I want to play again! lol Anyway, Brandy prefers more subtle eye make up so taking that into consideration and her pretty eye colour, I knew I wanted to play with gold and bronze tones. They made her eyes pop so much more !


We actually went on a boat cruise party together so I wanted to make her face glow with highlighter and bronzers! That’s what this look was all about – making her glow! and that we did.


I used GOSH giant sun bronzer as well as Hard Candy So Baked Bronzer.

Eyes – Smashbox Studio Pop Ultimate palette / Lips – Smashbox Be Legendary lipstick

IMG_5945How pretty are her eyes? And I envy her long natural lashes!

We kept it subtle for this look while still bringing out her eyes and rockin a bold lip.

We had a great time that night with some minor disruptions ;)  lova ya girl!


Nina xo

OOTD from the archives

IMG_6179Although lately I haven’t been posting regularly I still take photos and have so much material to share with you guys but then life gets in the way and I don’t end up posting. Here is an OOTD from a few weeks back.

This dress is one of my favourites. It’s stretchy and comfortable and hugs all the curves just right. This is from UB where I go to get my cheap randomy items.

It’s appropriate for office and also going out.


I like wearing patterns because I feel that they camouflage all my imperfections like my belly!

Shoes are Marc Fisher, nude wedges, and I wore the hell out of them this summer because they are so light and comfy. I love Marc Fisher shoes!

Nina xo

My first curly hair cut experience

IMG_6148If you have curly hair and you never got a curly hair cut – you need to! ASAP. It transformed my curls from limp, tired and loose into tighter, more live and bouncy curls. I will never go to a regular hair salon again after visiting Curl Ambassadors in Toronto.

I was aiming to get a deva hair cut but since the day of my appointment we had an insane pour down I reached the salon soaked. I also had a lot of product in my hair so my hair dresser Sasha had to wash it out and cut my curls wet. Some of you may be wondering well how are you supposed to cut hair other than wet?? Well the curly hair cut method or deva hair cut is a technique used by Devachan Salon for cutting curly hair. The hair is cut in its natural dry form and each strand of curl is tended to individually.

IMG_6120So Sasha told me she would’ve cut my hair dry but due to my hair already soaked and having quite a bit of oily product she’d have to wash it. I got a hydrating treatment too. It’s extra and you don’t need to get it but I did because my hair is still damaged from bleach.

What I loved is that she did not pressure me to cut a certain amount of my hair, and she listened to what I said. I explained my hair history and she took it from there. I cut off only about 2 inches. She took her time and cut each strand of hair according to the way that specific strand falls. Which is unusual, because as you know most times, stylists will take a section and cut that way.

I got some great tips from my stylist as well, as she walked me and explained each step she was doing.


Once she rinsed my hair, while still soaking wet, without squeezing any water out, she made me flip my hair forward and she put product in, while scrunching it. By doing so she was squeezing out the water. I have never done my hair this way. I would normally squeeze out most of the water and then apply product and scrunch.

By leaving all the water and applying product that way, it clumped my curls together better and it retained the product better.

She diffused my hair , hair flip forward, one side, other side and while diffusing she scrunched each section again.

I wish I took photos as I went along but I didn’t know what to really expect but I definitely will next time I go.

One thing is, when I diffuse my hair I am really rough. I do it fast and I move the blow dryer too much which creates frizz and doesn’t shape the curls as nice. She really took her time and did it section my section with minimum movement.

You can see in my first photo how loose my curls were and the second how much together they are. Keep in mind that day was very humid so the weather will still create some frizz but I love it.


If you have curly hair and you live in Toronto area, I suggest you visit Curl Ambassadors and get yourself a curly hair cut. I am going for another trim in December.

My hair is far from perfect and far from my natural curl pattern due to many bleaching sessions and hair colour changes but it’s definitely come a long way. I wish I appreciated what God gave me or my mama, lol but I went through most of my life hated my curls and only when I lost them I appreciated them.

Nina xo

Laced up ;)

IMG_6147For the Labour Day long weekend I went to a boat cruise party, which was so much fun. I love boat cruises, even on our smelly lake Ontario. I just pretend to be in Bahamas somewhere, but anyhow! I’ve been really into lace lately, so when I saw this one piece online at Fashion Nova I needed it in my life!

I love one piece suits.


I ordered it online ( I believe their only actual store is in California somewhere) and I couldn’t be more happier. The jumper is lined underneath with nude silky lining, but only as far as shorts would go. The legs are bare, so it creates a really sexy illusion.

The neck line is pretty deep and revealing but a little cleavage never hurt nobody!


I paired it up with peep toe nudes, but mainly because I had to be comfortable on the 6 hour boat cruise, which ended up not being the case, as I still can’t feel the bottom of my feet entirely! Ahh beauty is pain, right?

I love FashionNova website. I will definitely be ordering them again. I wanted more stuff but I wanted to see the quality and their fit first. I am very pleased. Check them out!


Keepin it plain (FOTD)

FullSizeRender(7)Today’s look is keeping it plain and simple. I can’t say this enough. It took me a long time to be able to leave my house without make up. Not because I have self image issues I just didn’t think I looked outside ready but I have really come out of that bubble and way of thinking and now all I really need is some bronzer and mascara.


My hair came out good today too because past few days has been a limp mess due to this weird weather. So this is a great time to share that I will be getting my first Deva hair cut today!!!! I am so excited. I will definitely blog about this and I hope that I don’t come out disappointed. Wish me luck.


Face: Vichy Dermablend Foundation / GOSH bronzer/
Eyes: NYC Sky rise Lengthening Mascara
Lips: Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Sude in Front Row


By the way, I love this colour of this lipstick. It’s a pretty nude peach but the texture of this lipstick is gross. It feels great when you put it on and in about 15 mins it turns into glue like texture that’s practically impossible to take off your lips. Mind you, it crumbles too so your lips look like you have gum all over them.

Nina xo

(FOTD) Holding onto fresh and summery tones a little while longer

IMG_5531Although I wasn’t too much into bright colours and vibrant tones this summer (shocking, I know!) I am still sad that summer has pretty much come to an end here in Toronto. Days are still nice and warm but nights are quite cold :(

Eyes:  Essence quattro eyeshadow To Die For. Just using the lightest shade all over the eyelid and light brown very lightly blended in the outer corners.

Lips: NYX Power lipstick. One of my favourites. The best lilac shade ever.

Face: VICHY dermablend stick foundation and MAC Warmsoul blush

IMG_5549Nina xo

Red lips give me life! (FOTD)

IMG_5471One of my favourite and go to looks is winged eyeliner, mascara and red lipstick…. oh and a bit of bronzer too. I love this look. I think it’s timeless, and suitable for any situation, and anyone can wear it!


I know that not everyone feels like they can pull off red lipstick and many ladies stay away from it but really, yes you can! You just have to find the shades that suit your skin tone and rock it!

I used to think I look funny when I wear red lipstick. So I would put it on and just before I leave the house wipe it off. Until one day I said screw it and went through with it and it’s strange because wearing red lipstick gives you such confidence boost and you feel so feminine and sexy.


I have quite a collection right now. The one I am wearing today, is by Revlon. Funny thing, the name is Love That Pink but it’s not really pink at all. It’s a really bright coral leaning towards orange/red. It’s super creamy and feels great on the lips.

love-that-pink-435This week already seems awfully long. It is dreadful. Summer is coming to an end and before you know it no more skirts and pretty dresses, bright tones and all that fun stuff. I really do love fall but here in Toronto it seems to skip us and go straight to blizzard weather and -40C yet I still hope every year, as I love fall fashion.

Have a lovely day beauties.

Nina xo

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