NOTD and my new nail goodies!


I’ve recently got some nail stuff from Born Pretty Store. They have such amazing things for nail art/design and also jewelry and cosmetics. The only downside is that it took a bit over a month for me to get my things. I am not sure how it works anywhere else but it took that long to reach me here in Toronto.

2014-11-19 12.51.10

I didn’t order too much first time around as I wasn’t sure how the experience would be but I am quite happy and satisfied.


Here are the things I’ve got. Mainly nail related stuff but I did get some foundation brushes and eyebrow pencil, which I absolutely love.

DSC01242-2-1-1 I got these gold and silver nail studs, 3 different sizes. They are my favourite item I’ve ordered. I’ve used them first in my previous post with that great China Glaze green nail polish!

DSC01236-1These are some cute feathers as nail stickers. Haven’t used them yet but they looked really great in the pictures on their website so can’t wait to try.


2014-11-19 12.54.10These are the 3D stickers I have on in today’s NOTD. I thought I’ve ordered them in gold but I don’t mind them in silver. They are easy to apply and stay on quite well.


This is a stamping template but unfortunately I forgot to order a stamper but I can pick that up anywhere so I haven’t had a chance to use this yet either due to the fact I am missing a nail stamper but I love the little hearts and the snow flakes will be great to do at Christmas time.

2014-11-19 12.52.03These are just nail dotting tools with different size balls. Really needed these as I’ve only had one. These are great to pick up studs with and to do designs.

2014-11-19 12.54.59These are nail brushes for designs. I thought they were different sizes but to me they look the same. It’s fine they will get used!

2014-11-19 12.55.42 I normally use my fingers to apply foundation. It’s what’s most convenient for me but I need some good brushes and I am really satisfied with these. They work amazing. They apply the foundation evenly and blend it in perfect. There are no streaks or patches.

DSC01249-1 I was really unhappy when I saw this eyebrow pencil as it was in black and I’ve ordered it in medium brown. I normally fill in my brows with medium to darker brown shades but I gave it a try and I love it! My eyebrows are not really black but this a nice ashy black and it just works and looks a lot more natural than the browns I’ve been using. I love these kind of pencils that are angled as they are super easy to use.


I will definitely be ordering from them again. If you guys want to check it out and order as well here is a 10% off coupon NAN.

More make up looks on Marall (pt2)


My friend Marall has lent me her beautiful face again lol. I just have so much fun doing her make up. I still feel that I need a lot of practice when it comes to doing others make up so thank you Marall for letting me practice! Btw her matching sweater, my wall paper flower and Audrey Hepburn pic – totally unintentional lol


This time we went with purple tones. I think purple suits brown eyes so beautiful and bring them out so much.



We also did some simple cute twists on each side. I just love her hair! So curly, thick and healthy! I remember those days when mine was like that …pre bleach era lolĀ  *sigh*


I have so much fun doing people’s make up. I just love it. And Marall is a great sport. She just lets me do whatever! I love doing my own make up obviously and I feel that I can still do it better on my own face but I’d like to get as good like that while doing others. I can’t wait to try more looks.




Thanks girl love you <3


Feeling blue? FOTD

2014-11-17 15.05.11

I am not sure why but I never apply colour on my lower lash line. I tend to keep it lined with only a black liner and that’s about it. I love how pop of colour looks on the water line but when I do it, I just don’t like the way it comes out. I feel like it’s messy, racoon-ish and not flattering at all but I liked this actually. I kept the rest of my face quite subtle and nude so the pop of blue really stands out.


I’ve used the Hard Candy Eyeshadow Palette in Feeling Blue. The colours are really pigmented and shimmery and I really wanted something this intense.


I’ve used the 4th shadow from the right.


On my upper lid, I have applied the grey eyeshadow (4th from the left) all over my eyelid.


On my lips, I am wearing Hue by Mac with NYX xtreme lip cream in Natural on top.



NOTD – Green with envy


I absolutely love this green colour by China Glaze but I am even more excited about these super cool nail studs. I’ve finally received my goodies from BornPretty Store and I am pretty much doing my nails 5 times a day!


I’ll do a separate post on everything I’ve got but I love these studs. Normally, these kind of nail decorations get stuck in my hair and end up flying off, but these ones have been holding on quite well! I’ve got the ones that come in 3 different sizes, in gold and silver! Love it!


Can’t wait to show you all I’ve got!


Hope everyone had a great weekend my beauties xoxo


MOTD – Pretty Lilacs


Purple is my favourite colour and I love lilac tones. It’s feminine and almost like a nude but yet still has a pop of colour in it. I do feel that lilac shades are more spring appropriate because of its pastel tones but they also have cool undertones which makes them suitable for fall/winter.


I did a very subtle look here. I’ve used his Maybelline Expert Wear eyeshadow in Electric blue with applying the white shadow quite heavily and then using the light purple and electric blue on the outer crease very lightly. The colours are quite pigmented and I love this little eyeshadow compact but I just did not apply it heavily.


On my lips I am wearing the Revlon lip butter in Gumdrop with MAC’s Viva Glam Nicki 2 lipgloss.

MAC-Viva-Glam-Nicki-2-Lipglass rv2CYMERA_20141113_150923(1)


NOTD – Something simple


After I chose my lipstick today and put it on, I realized that my nail polish colour matches my lipstick exactly! This was totally unplanned. LOL. But I laughed to myself at how OCD I am or am I tune with what I like? Lol..


Anyhow. I love my nails today. This colour is gorgeous. It’s by Illamasqua in Stance. I would describe it as a deep fuchsia colour so it is fall appropriate but it has a pop of vibrance still.




I did a very simple design on my middle finger by applying thin nail strips before painting my nails. Once I painted over it , I let it dry completely and gently peeled it off.