Another black and white OOTD


I guess this is becoming a trend with me lately and it’ s not on purpose either. Before you wouldn’t catch me wearing black or white, it was all about colour and more colour. I still love colour but I have embraced the simple yet elegant look that black and white tones bring. With that being said I absolutely love pepita pattern, like my pants are here.


I love this type of pants, I refer to them as dressy jogging pants hehe.. They are loose where they need to be and tight in all the right places. I have them in all colours and patterns.


Pants: Winners
Shirt: Forever 21
Blazer: Urban Planet
Shoes: Winners


I am sure by now you have figured that I love shopping at Winners. For those of you who may not be familiar, Winners is a department store, designer and not designer items for less, so something like Ross, Marshall’s, etc but a Canadian version. I love it. Some people don’t have the patience to go through the many things to find some they like but to me it’s therapeutic! I love shopping period and I love deals even more!

Muah to all you beautiful people! Nina xoxo

Quick OOTD


I love pencil skirts. They are classy and sexy all at once while appropriate for really, any occasion. Due to them being slim-fitting, straight and narrow they flatter any body shape in my opinion .


I am wearing a black and white pencil skirt from Suzy Shier and just a long sleeve v-neck simple black top.

I paired it up with my favourite fall boots simply because they are super comfortable. I love these boots. They have a thicker heel which is in style now, and can go with jeans, tights or skirts. I got them from Winners.



Sorry for the poor quality of pics today, my camera died so this was taken with my phone. Thank you for all the love you guys show me daily. It is much more appreciated than you can ever know!


Nina xoxo

Bridal Beauty


Today I bring you this post with, which is an on-line shop for ALL things wedding/bridal related! For most women, their wedding day is one of the most important days in their whole life and we want to look the most beautiful, meaning the perfect dress, hair and make up. Although I am not married and never have been, and to be totally honest, I have never been one of those girls that imagined what my wedding would be like, not even what kind of dress I would like to wear, looking through these gorgeous gowns made me see exactly what my look would be.


Here are two wedding gowns I chose, and they are very different from each other. One is very flowy and modern and the other is a classic and more traditional look.
Being that they are so different, different make up looks would compliment them too and this is what I envision.


Please keep in mind, although I am a very pro drug store cosmetics kinda girl,  I chose high end cosmetics for both of these looks because on your wedding day you want to ensure that your make up lasts as long as possible and stays intact.


Since I would love to get married on a beach and have more of a relaxed, laid back atmosphere, this would be my first choice. This gown is just gorgeous. It’s very light and fresh looking while still maintaining a true bridal gown look. With this style of bridal gown, I would choose to accentuate eyes more so, with a very shiny lipgloss and glowing cheeks!


CYMERA_20141021_140206 I would use this gorgeous MAC smokey eye palette in Medley of Mauves to create a daytime smokey eye and a few layers of mascara. Mac’s Warm Soul blush is perfect for this as well because it is a blush and a bronzer all in one, it gives a gorgeous bronzy glow and NARS’ Turkish Delight lipgloss is the perfect for the shiny eye catching pout.


This next gown, is a classic and more of a formal look, nevertheless, still beautiful as well. I would do my make up in a classy and more traditional way to compliment it. I would keep the eyes very defined but not play up with too many eyeshadows but some gold or glitter look and accentuate the lips instead, with a bold colour.



MAC’s Blonde Gold eyeshadow is such a festive and fancy glittery eyedust that’s perfect for a wedding. It suits any eye colour and makes them pop. I would apply this with some thick winged liquid liner and false lashes. That would be it for eyes! I would keep my cheeks neutral with this Bobbi Brown peach nude blush and since the eyeshadow is really glittery, this matte blush would balance the look perfect.
This gorgeous YSL red lipstick in Danger is great to complete this look and it’s a classic red that you cannot go wrong with!


This was a fun post and I really enjoyed doing it. Let me know your thoughts lovlies!


Pop of Pink!

2014-10-19 17.21.44

Hey my loves! Hope everyone had a great weekend. Here is a look I did playing with some pink eyeshadows from my 88 matte eyeshadow from BH cosmetics. I feel that I only use certain colours and I haven’t even touched all the bright and crazy colours in the palette and this bright pink is one of them. I am yet to get to all the crazy greens and blues.


I applied the pink in the very centre of my eyelid and then balanced out the look with a brown and blended it. I also applied the pink along my lower lash line.


Of course, some liquid liner and mascara.


On my lips, I am wearing a NYX butter lipstick in Hubba Bubba. It’s a pretty pale pink with a blue-ish undertone.



OOTD – Fur Vests and Rain Boots


I love fall for the fashion it brings and how beautiful everything looks outside. Unfortunately, fall doesn’t last long here in Toronto and sometimes we don’t get it all, straight from humidity into the blizzard and icicles. Anyhow, here is a simple casual outfit I put together today to work.

2014-10-16 09.35.11-1

I am wearing black skinny pants and a plain black shirt from Winners.

I am sure you know by now that I have a deep love for fur vests, faux fur, that is. This one is from Sirens and it’s a few years old but I just love the fluffy white fur with specs of grey in it.

My boots are rain (rubber) boots from Michael Kors.



This is the second day in a row I have a migraine and it only starts when I get to work and I am convinced there is something about this office that just doesn’t sit well with me!! Ahhh !!

It’s hell dealing with this but hey at least I am still looking cute lol! Muah to all my lovlies!


Nina xo




I completely forgot about these little nail charms I got from Forever 21 a while ago. Just like with any raised nail art that you apply, they do get slightly annoying and they do get caught into hair and other things but they’re just gorgeous and so different and I get ton of questions about them!


Light blue: Ciate Ferris Wheel


Electric blue: Sally Hansen Pacific Blue


Nail art: Forever 21

dfdfdThey have all different shapes here, stars. hearts, apples, etc. All I do is dab a little nail glue on my nail first and place the charm on top and hold for a few secs. You’re good to go!

2014-10-16 13.24.23

There is just something about red lips!


There really is! It takes confidence to wear red lipstick but at the same time, once you put it on, it automatically gives you confidence and almost this slight cockiness too! Those who wear red lipstick know exactly what I mean and those who don’t may, be a little intimidated but all you need to do is find your shade and go for it, you will see the difference it will make!


Yes I know I am talking about lipstick, but it’s amazing what make up and colour can do for a woman. Red lipstick, red heels, red car, (red hair for me hehe) it really does something to a woman, it makes you feel sexy and feminine.


I also like to keep my eyes either bare or with a good thick liquid eyeliner when I am wearing red lips. You really don’t need anything else with red lips, except for a bit of blush or bronzer. Here I am wearing MAC’s Warm Soul.


The red lipstick I am wearing today is by BH Cosmetics Berry Bite. It’s such a beautiful red. Some red lipsticks feel really heavy on your lips I feel and this feels as if you don’t have anything on! It stays on for a really long time and it has no scent or taste. It is extremely creamy and moisturizing. I love BH Cosmetics lipsticks.