LOTD – Yet another hair change ;)

IMG_4317Although I loved my hair colour (going from black/red to honey brown) it changed on me totally. Everytime I washed it, I didn’t know what was going to turn into and I really wasn’t feeling how light hair looked on me. It totally washed me out. So I decided to do an ombre look and frame my face with darker colour while still leaving the rest of my hair light and summery.

I really like this look and will keep it for a while. I am not crazy in love and satisfied with the light colour. Well, I like the ends, they are a nice blonde shade but the middle part still has quite a bit of orange in it. I did use a toner to try to get the brassiness out and it did work quite a bit but I could use some more work on that.


I am quite pleased with myself overall. I do my hair all by myself and I have never gotten my hair dyed professionally. It’s always been me through trial and error. This time my friend Elena helped me with choosing toners and all that as she knows the actual theory and chemistry behind hair :)

I am a little bit of a hypocrite because I absolutely hated the ombre look and said I would never do it as I thought it looks like really badly grown out roots… and yup here I am lol.. But it’s a subtle look and something different for summer, right?


I hope everyone has a great week. Monday is almost over so yay for that.


Friday FOTD – Brows and some highlighter is all you need sometimes

IMG_4005I would say that eyeliner is my one staple product. It gives me life! Eyeliner fixes everything lol but lately I have been staying away from shadows and eyeliner and just doing my eyebrows and a bit of mascara. I still look weird to myself without eyeliner but it’s kind of nice to feel like I HAVE to wear it. Ahhhh what make up does to us ladies.

And highlighter just makes everything that much better. It lifts your entire face, gives you a healthy glow and a great finish look.


Vichy Dermablend Foundation/ Wet n Wild Fergie collection Shimmer Palette in Champagne Glow / Essence Plump no Clump Volume mascara / Essence Satin Mauve lipliner / MAC Blankety lipstick/ Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade in Medium Brown


Kisses for all my beauties and I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Simple summery NOTD

IMG_4012I haven’t posted any nail blogs in a very long time. I mean I used to change my nail polish and designs daily but lately I just haven’t been into it. I’ve either been doing white or nude. Drastic change from my vibrant bright summery colours.

IMG_4013(1)I love this lime neon green shade but it may be a bit much for work in an office environment so I did only the tips to make it a bit more subtle.

This is a great shade for summer.


How I went from black to light brown with minimum damage!

IMG_3714Let me just say that I was never afraid of bleach. When I felt like changing my hair colour, which was often, if it needed bleaching I didn’t think about it twice. Until I totally destroyed my hair. So after 2 years of repairing I am now terrified and staying far away from bleach but i did get the itch to change my hair so keep reading to find out how :)

I have used L’Oreal Effasol Color Remover. It’s a powder that you mix with a low volume cream developer, in this case 20. I will not sit here and make up stories that it is absolutely safe and not harsh because I would be lying. It definitely does cause some dryness and it’s still a chemical at the end of the day so it will cause some damage but nowhere close to bleach.

I cannot believe I never thought of this or believed enough in it to try it, here is the golden TIPapply coconut oil to your hair an hour or two prior to bleaching. Let it sink in and don’t wash it out. Apply bleach on top of it and coconut oil will serve as a coating protector, leave hair silky and soft and protect it from extreme damage.


I read this before but for some reason though that the oil would serve as a barrier and prevent bleach from penetrating through and doing its job. Well, I was wrong!

So I started out like this (pic below) and don’t mind my face lol black and red.


These are the steps I took to lighten my hair:

1. I applied coconut oil (thanks Nicole for my supply :) all over and let it sit for about 2 hours.

2. I mixed the Effasol Color remover powder with the 20 vol cream developer as per the instructions and applied all over


3. I let that sit and this time will vary for everyone so just make sure you keep an eye on it.


4. I washed it out and then applied the colour.

I have lots of red in my hair and it’s the hardest colour to get out. So I won’t ever get it lightened the way I would want it to be but this was impressive. As you wash out your hair you see the colour washing away with it.


This hair color is not what I had in mind when I initially started and it’s weird that once it oxidized it totally changed shades.
As you will see in the pic below it is much darker and more brown.

And also to show you that my curls are still in tact and this process did not damage them here it is. Yes they are dry a bit but nothing a few more coconut oil masks won’t cure.


Hair colour change

FullSizeRender(7)All my hair colour changes come as spur of the moment. There is never this long thinking process behind it. It comes to me and I go for it. Although I used to change my colour frequently that has slowed down in the past years. I always say I love red, it’s me but I went from a full red head to streaks to now… this! I wanted something different for the summer.

IMG_3625I feel that light hair doesn’t necessarily suit me. I also never used to care much about bleaching my hair until I lost my curls so after repairing my hair, which took 2 very painful years! I am very careful with bleach. However, I achieved this with a slightly different process, which you can read about in a separate blog post.

IMG_3661I achieved this colour was with minimum damage while still getting the results.

I was going for a dark brown colour and then I ended up with something quite light. ( pics above) Now that the colour has oxidized, it has changed quite a bit so it’s darker and a little weird and I am not too sure how I feel about it. It looks like this now but in different light it changes colour. Sometimes it’s golden sometimes reddish. Ahhhh!


What do you guys think?


Loving this Waterflash lipgloss! (product review)

IMG_3551I order all my nail things from bornprettystore and last time I ordered this gorgeous purple lipgloss (Balala Dream on me Waterflash lipgloss), really expecting it to be crappy but (hoping the pictures were right) and I am so happy that I got it because this lipgloss is everything! And so perfect for summer.


I actually ordered two shades but mistakengly they sent me two of the same. I was upset at first until I tried this gloss and then I didn’t mind. However, I love it so much that I want to share it with someone so I am thinking of doing a little giveaway and including this in it.

IMG_3553I have never heard of this brand. I have no idea what it is or even if they sell it in stores. All I know is that the colour is gorgeous and the quality is amazing too. It has a scent but it’s very subtle and pleasant. It is so pigmented and applies really thick but not gunky.

Here is the link to it on bornpretty website so you can see more about it.



I wore this today for the first time and everyone is asking me about the colour! So for all my ladies who are into bright colours and would wear this let me know and I’ll do a little giveaway!




Monday’s Subtle FOTD

IMG_3513I was running late today as I do on every Monday, well actually Tuesday , Wednesday… etc you get the point lol. but on Mondays I really am bad so my make up is normally something very quick and simple. Today’s look is very subtle toned with some bronze and pinks.

IMG_3507IMG_3505I hope everyone has a lovely week. Monday’s don’t have to be dreadful!