NOTD – Glowstick

FullSizeRender(5)I love neon colours. Especially on my nails. I got this new nail polish by ORLY, called Glowstick and I am in love with the colour. It may become my summer 2015 go to ! Ah who am I kidding? That will always be China Glaze flip flop fantasy.


Anyway. I added some accents on a few nails not that this already eye catching colour needs it. But why not?

Only downfall is that it does chip off quite easily. I don’t own any other Orly nail polishes so I don’t know much about their quality.

Happy Thursday yall!


OOTD – Indigo Blue

FullSizeRender(4)Although these shoes have destroyed my feet for the day, I cannot deny how cute they are and perfect for spring with all the great pastels. I am not a big fan of blue but this bright vibrant indigo blue gives me life! lol

IMG_1724This is a little springtime office appropriate outfit I put together for this Tuesday.

FullSizeRender(5)This pencil skirt is from UB and it was online $10 which is always great. It’s really stretchy and super comfortable.
The top is from Suzy Shier and it’s quite old actually.
The shoes are from a store called Icon which I am sure can only be found at Yorkdale mall in Toronto, but I could be wrong.They are not comfy at all but they do look good lo!

So while I am here trying to pose and take these pics and not be late for work, Biggie decides he wants in on the action too. I love my lil poochie


MOTD – lovin the bronze…

IMG_1694I love gold and bronze tones. I suppose you could say that they are more fall appropriate due to their warmth but I think these tones can be pulled off any season. I love anything gold toned so here is a look I created today.

I used Cover Girls Go for the Gold eyeshadow quad for this look.


On my lips is Sheer Ivory Nut lipstick by Aveda, gently outlined with a random brown liner. It is a gorgeous nude but I believe this shade is discontinued.

FullSizeRender(5)FullSizeRender(4)Let’s ignore my hair and how frizzy it is. I’ve tried something the night before and it clearly did not work in the morning and I did not have time to mess with it so this is what it is lol


Pretty pink NOTD🌸


It finally seems like spring here in Toronto. Sun is shining, flowers are blooming and all the heavy layers of clothes are off!

This may be a bit of pink overload but it’s soft and feminine and perfect mani for spring. 


I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Xo. 

Meet Biggie

FullSizeRender(1)Hey all you beautiful people! I wanted to do a light and fun post on Friday… I mean not like all the beauty related stuff is heavy and morbid lol but I wanted to feature something else, more personal and fun. I got a puppy!!!!!!


I really wanted a big dog, Cane Corso to be exact. They grow up to be beasts lol which is what I wanted. However, I do live in a one bedroom apartment and for an 180 lbs pound animal this would be cruel. I also work a lot and I couldn’t take it out during the day as much as I need to. So I went totally opposite route and got a fluff ball that will only be 7 lbs lol


I have a Shih Tzu who lives with my parents and he is 12 years old now but forever my baby. I love Shih Tzus and when I got Benji I was told he was a toy shih tzu. Well Benji grew to be 20 lbs bigger than any Shih Tzu I ever heard of so I got majorly duped.

My new puppy is half Shih Tzu and half long hair Chihuahua. I named him BIGGIE. Only because he is so tiny but his personality is HUGE. I was told he would only be 7 lbs and he is 7 now at 6 mts old so I think I got a little tricked again lol anyway he won’t be growing much more.

He is my little terrorist who destroy my place and chews on everything but I love him so much. So meet Biggie everyone!

2015-01-13 17.21.22sigs

OOTD – Still got it!

FullSizeRender(2)I don’t go out very often to places that require me to dress up anymore. I’ve become so old and boring lol but every now and then when I do, I am reminded that you know what…. I still got it!!!

IMG_1106I love this skirt. I remember when I purchased it, I said to myself this is way too short and tight, where will I wear this? But I thought it was so different, with the cheetah head, chains and flower prints all in one and I had to get it.

The skirt is from Winners, $15 so a great find!

IMG_1104I paired it up with a black long sleeved body suit and grey booties.

FullSizeRender(1)I hope everyone’s had a great Easter and long weekend. I didn’t eat any chocolate at all as I need to shed 20 lbs. So we will see how that works out.


FOTD – Bringing ’98 back just for a second…

IMG_1051 Who didn’t rock dark brown lipsticks back in the 90’s? Even more so with a dark brown lipliner and all that… Hey Mary J. was my girl and growing up that was “the thing” so yes I did it. I know many things from back in the day are making a come back and I love it. I still feel I need to be more tanned to pull this colour off but it’s something I can definitely get used to! IMG_1031The colour is Styled in Sepia by MAC. I got this lipstick from my friend Brandy cuz she is just sweet like that so if you are reading this – thanks again girl! It’s a really nice chocolate brown shade and it is a matte texture. mac-styled-in-sepia2IMG_1028I must say I like the look overall with my hair pulled up in a bun and eyes done with light earth tones. I think for such lip eyes must stay neutral and pretty simple. IMG_1029I am so happy it is the long weekend as I need some much deserved rest. I don’t have any crazy plans and it’s just the way I like it. I hope everyone has a great long weekend and a Happy Easter!!! IMG_1033sigs