Keepin it plain (FOTD)

FullSizeRender(7)Today’s look is keeping it plain and simple. I can’t say this enough. It took me a long time to be able to leave my house without make up. Not because I have self image issues I just didn’t think I looked outside ready but I have really come out of that bubble and way of thinking and now all I really need is some bronzer and mascara.


My hair came out good today too because past few days has been a limp mess due to this weird weather. So this is a great time to share that I will be getting my first Deva hair cut today!!!! I am so excited. I will definitely blog about this and I hope that I don’t come out disappointed. Wish me luck.


Face: Vichy Dermablend Foundation / GOSH bronzer/
Eyes: NYC Sky rise Lengthening Mascara
Lips: Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Sude in Front Row


By the way, I love this colour of this lipstick. It’s a pretty nude peach but the texture of this lipstick is gross. It feels great when you put it on and in about 15 mins it turns into glue like texture that’s practically impossible to take off your lips. Mind you, it crumbles too so your lips look like you have gum all over them.

Nina xo

(FOTD) Holding onto fresh and summery tones a little while longer

IMG_5531Although I wasn’t too much into bright colours and vibrant tones this summer (shocking, I know!) I am still sad that summer has pretty much come to an end here in Toronto. Days are still nice and warm but nights are quite cold :(

Eyes:  Essence quattro eyeshadow To Die For. Just using the lightest shade all over the eyelid and light brown very lightly blended in the outer corners.

Lips: NYX Power lipstick. One of my favourites. The best lilac shade ever.

Face: VICHY dermablend stick foundation and MAC Warmsoul blush

IMG_5549Nina xo

Red lips give me life! (FOTD)

IMG_5471One of my favourite and go to looks is winged eyeliner, mascara and red lipstick…. oh and a bit of bronzer too. I love this look. I think it’s timeless, and suitable for any situation, and anyone can wear it!


I know that not everyone feels like they can pull off red lipstick and many ladies stay away from it but really, yes you can! You just have to find the shades that suit your skin tone and rock it!

I used to think I look funny when I wear red lipstick. So I would put it on and just before I leave the house wipe it off. Until one day I said screw it and went through with it and it’s strange because wearing red lipstick gives you such confidence boost and you feel so feminine and sexy.


I have quite a collection right now. The one I am wearing today, is by Revlon. Funny thing, the name is Love That Pink but it’s not really pink at all. It’s a really bright coral leaning towards orange/red. It’s super creamy and feels great on the lips.

love-that-pink-435This week already seems awfully long. It is dreadful. Summer is coming to an end and before you know it no more skirts and pretty dresses, bright tones and all that fun stuff. I really do love fall but here in Toronto it seems to skip us and go straight to blizzard weather and -40C yet I still hope every year, as I love fall fashion.

Have a lovely day beauties.

Nina xo

Monday Funday (OOTD)

IMG_5448This is a dress I’ve had in my closet for many years but I don’t wear it often at all. I kind of forget how pretty it is, although you can’t see the beautiful lilac shade that it truly is as I took these photos quickly while running out the door to work.

It’s great for summer office attire. I paired it up with nude peep toe stilettos.


It looks a bit darker in the photos than it really is. I love the buttons on one side and the scrunchy fabric because it conceals the extra belly fat. :)

IMG_5450It’s not a dress I tend to reach for in my closet but every time I do put it on I remember how pretty it is and I always get ton of compliments on it!

Happy Monday y’all!

Nina xo

Tag: You and your make up


I haven’t done a tag in a while so here is one to start the week off! I hope you enjoy :)

Mention the authors of this tag (BeautyMolly & IlNostroStile)
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Thank you my sweet Mammu girl <3

  1. What type of skin do you have? Which skincare products are a must for you?

I have extremely dry skin. A good moisturizer is a must for me. Something thicker in consistency to really work itself good into my skin and keep me hydrated throughout the day. I use Vichy Mineral Balm and love it.

2. What type of foundation do you prefer? Your favorite?

I prefer a really creamy foundation, again due to my skin being so dry. I also like the dewey look. My favourite is by Vichy as well, Dermablend. Love Love!

3. Do you have dark circles? Imperfections? Which are your favorite concealers for each?

OH hell yeah I got dark circles ! And I also have rosacea so I got redness too. I got it all lol

I like Maybelline Lumi concealer, I feel it covers the black circles really well. I only use the concealer under my eyes. For my rosacea and blemishes, I just apply the Vichy foundation and it covers it all up. No need for extra products to be caked on.

4. Do you use powder to set your foundation? The same for under eyes and face? Your favorite powder?

I actually don’t. I like to keep my face as bare as possible. Well I mean, I like to stick to one or two products, which is normally foundation. I used to use Vichy setting powder but I don’t like the matte look that powders give you. I like a litle shine and dewiness. (that’s so not a word, but you get it. ;)

5. How are your eyebrows? Do you draw them? Your favorite product to define them?

I actually love my eyebrows. They’ve come a long way. I dont naturally have a lot of hair there and over the years they have receded even more so. I like to use either powdery stuff or a pomade when I fill in my brows because I feel that those products give you the most natural look. I definitely do not draw them on and I don’t like when they are drawn on as it looks fake and unnatural.

Currently, I use Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pomade in dark brown.

6. What do you use the most: eyeliner, pencil or kajal? Your favorite?

I use a liquid eyeliner by Rimmel on top eyelid and then Rimmel crayon pencil on the lower lid. I also like the Essence pencil. I call them crayon because they are not a regular pencil and more of a creamy substance.

7. How are your eyelashes (short, thick, etc)? Your favorite mascara?

Hmm. I guess they are ok. Not as thick or long as I’d like them to be and they are OK. My favourite mascara is L’Oreal’s Telescopic Mascara. This mascara is the truth!

8. Do you use more shiny or matt lipsticks? Your favorite lipstick?

I use them all! I love all kind of lipstics! I am a lipstick hoarder. It is impossible to choose a favourite gosh. Can’t even do it. If I name one, it’s over, I’ll be here for a month naming my ‘favourite’ lipsticks.

9. If you could choose between bronzer, blush and highlighter which would you choose? Your favorite for every category?

Hmm.. probably bronzer. I love a highlighter too but I’d go with bronzer because it can still give a nice glow to your face like a highlighter would but also add a bit of tan and colour.

My favourite bronzer is by GOSH, Giant Sun Powder. It’s the perfect gold shade. I love it.
My favourite blush is Warm Soul by MAC.
My favourite highlighter Opal by Becca.

10. What kind of eyeshadow do you prefer? Which one is your favorite?

I used to be obsessed with eyeshadow and would not feel complete unless I had eyeshadow on but in the recent years I barely wear eyeshadow. I like more matte eyeshadows and yes yes I am boring and don’t have a favourite one.

11. Write your 1-2 must have products.

I’d say mascara and bronzer.

I am tagging





(FOTD) Curls and brown lips on this gloomy day

IMG_5385This is such a fall lip colour but this summer I have been staying away from my usual bright tones and rocking nudes and dark shades. Go figure. This is Styled in Sepia by MAC.


I mean I used to wear dark brown lips in the 90s when everyone else did but since I stayed far from it as I feel it washes me out unless I am tanned.  Since these colours have returned by popular demand I have been experimenting with them and I think with the right eye make up and some bronzer, I can pull it off.


Today is such a rainy and gloomy day that it seemed appropriate. I kept my eye make up simple for the most part, combining some neutral brown/grey tones and liquid liner to make them pop.


I want to try Stone by MAC, which is more of a grey/brown/mauve. I am getting brave here lol

On a more happier note, it’s Friday!!! I hope everyone has an amazing weekend xo.

What is strobing? Contouring for lazy girls??? :)


Hello all you beautiful people. I know I said last time that I would go back to my regular posting and I meant to keep my word however I have been really stressed and tired and didn’t have it in me. I plan to make good on my word this time around. So what is strobing? Well it is using only a highlighter to accentuate your facial features without the full out contouring technique.

Who really has time to contour their face every single day? Or every morning while getting ready for work or school? Not I.
This is where strobing comes in.


It is a relatively new make up trend but I am pretty sure a lot of us have been doing it before it even got this name. I know I have. You can go all out and really make that highlighter pop or you can be more subtle with it and make it natural like I have here. It’s only because it’s during the day and I am the office but at nighttime I would definitely go a little more intense.

You are only really working with a highlighter, no bronzers and blush or any heavy and dark tones. You are simply applying the highlighter to your cheeks, nose, above and below lip, brow bone and sides of eyes. It creates a really pretty yet subtle illuminating glow. I love it. It gives my face life, brightness and I don’t even care to put any other make up on my face.


It’s simple and quick. In 2.5 secs literally I am ready to go. This is a great technique that leaves your face looking fresh and lightweight without the heavy look that contouring often times can create.

In this look today, I am only have some mascara and lipstick. But with the highlighter and strobing my face looks smooth and flawless if I can say so myself.

For this particular look I have used Wet n Wild Blush and Glow trio but only the pearl pink shade.

20150420_140547-01Have you guys heard of strobing and do you use this technique? Let me know!

Nina xo