Friday OOTD

FullSizeRender(7)I remember when I used to think I was under-dressed or felt like something was missing if I didn’t have something colourful on, sparkly or over the top. I’ve come a long way! lol I appreciate and love wearing a plain tee with jeans and some heels.

Actually, lately you’ll catch me in flats most of the time but I love these nude pumps I got at Burlington Coat Factory when I went a few wknds ago with my friend Brandy :)


Oh I guess I do have something shiny on…. my very shiny leather snapback.. ahh old habits die hard.

My mom hates these jeans. She says they are cut up way too much but I love it …. this was my DIY project ahah..


Gold flakes (NOTD)

Made with Repix (

I’ve been going through a nude phase with my nails. But I decided to spice up the nude and add some gold pops with nail foil. I am sure you heard about nail foil but if you haven’t, you’ll definitely want to check this out.

Nail foil is very thin and flimsy and kind of annoying to work with because it flies away lol but the results are gorgeous.

Base coat: Revlon – Elegant.
It’s a really gorgeous grey nude colour.


Nail art: Essence Nail Art Decoration Kit
It comes with rhinestones, tiny glitter fragments and larger glitter particles, flakes and foil

Application process:

1. I apply the base coat (colour of your choice) and let it dry completely.

2. I break up the foil into little chunks

3. I use the tweezers to place the foil chunks onto my nails and gently tap it down

4. I apply a clear top coat to seal it.

Made with Repix (

Here is the link to this great little nail kit by Essence


Wet n Wild Fergie collection Lip Stain – Throwing Shade

IMG_2817This is my first time trying anything from Fergie’s Wet N Wild collection and I am impressed with this lip stain.
This is Fergie’s Vicious Varnish High Shine Lip Stain in Throwing Shade. Just a gorgeous deep purple/violet high glossy stain.


I picked this up on my trip in Buffalo which I still had to show you everything I got! But I actually did not get this to wear it on its own. I thought it would have made a great top layer on any dark lippies I wear, if I don’t feel like wearing them matte.


But I tried it today and I am in love with it. First of all, I am impressed with the colour longevity. It did not even budge for 3 hours, even though I was drinking my coffee. It stayed on with the same intensity as when I applied it.

IMG_2822It feels a little funny at first when you put it on, feels wet. But it’s very moisturizing.
It does feel tiny bit sticky but once it dries it’s fine. Also, when it does dry, it’s not uncomfortable at all onĀ  your lips and the gloss still remains.

The pigmentation is crazy. I will definitely wear this on its own but also on top of my dark lipsticks in the fall. I actually applied it lightly here as I did not want to go overboard at the office so this is not its full potential. The swatch on my hand is.

IMG_2691Have you tried any of Fergie’s products? What are your impressions? I definitely want to get more.


Thick and Fast Growing Hair! Doo Gro oil.

FullSizeRender(7)I am always on a journey for the next best thing when it comes to hair products. I swear by coconut oil and castor oil for thick hair, fast growth and healthy hair, any type but especially curls. But this latest discovery has me speechless. DOO GRO mega thick growth oil.


I came across this at my local beauty supply store because I was going to pick up another bottle of the ever great castor oil. This caught my eye because even though my hair is growing now it’s still really slow – thanks to being over processed by bleach. I also shed INSANELY. I mean I walk and hair literally falls out and leaves a trail behind. Castor oil has helped a lot with that too but the ashy smell is really off putting. So even though I have come a long way with my hair I am always on the look out.

So this oil caught my eye and I did a quick search of reviews on my phone and I did not see one negative comment. Not one! So I thought ok it’s $9.99 so it’s not a waste of money even if it doesn’t work.

There are three different bottles, as indicated below. I purchases the mega thrick growth oil – NO MINERAL OIL. I think others may contain mineral oil so if you do get this stuff make sure it’s the bottle that says no mineral oil.


This oil claims to:

  • Promotes thick, strong, growing hair
  • Thickens & strengthens weak and damaged hair
  • Shea butter, vitamin & botanical thickener formula
  • Tames frizzies
  • Adds Shine

So while I was reading the reviews, people were saying that after only one use they noticed their hair being significantly thicker and fuller and in no time they were seeing growth too. And you know what, they were not lying!

There are two ways to use it.
One: to apply as a styling oil – little goes a long way.
Two: as hot oil treatment. Shampoo your hair first, apply the oil to wet hair, massaging your scalp and distributing the rest throughout. Keep it in for an hour or two and wash out, shampoo lightly if necessary.

It is really greasy so you really need only a small amount.

After the first time, my hair was noticeably thicker. I have used it 4 times now and I shed way less. My hair is bouncy, curly, THICK THICK THICK. I haven’t noticed any growth yet but I am sure it’s way too soon for that. But also, my hair feels really strong.


I love this stuff. Please go find you a bottle of this. You will not regret it.




Hey lovlies! This week is going painfully slow. I thought it was Wednesday this entire time, ugh! It’s rainy and gloomy today and this earthy nude look fits this day’s mood perfectly.

IMG_2647EYES: I am using, the Physican’s Formula Eyeshadow Strip in nude.
Essence Liquid Eyeliner and L’oreal Telescopic Mascara.

FACE: One and only forever faithful Vichy dermablend foundation and Bonnebell Blend n Glow.

LIPS: Nyx Butter Gloss in Fortune Cookie.


I hope tomorrow is brighter and warmer because I miss all my bright make up and colourful clothing!