(OOTD) Is peplum out of style?

IMG_5036Maybe peplum went out of style with sock buns in 2014 but I still love my peplum army green skirt. I actually love anything peplum because it is so flattering to your body and enhances your shape so much more.

I paired the peplum skirt with just a plain tank top in this lime/olive green colour and my favourite pair of nude wedges.


It’s a very simple and basic outfit but perfect for a summer office attire. It’s very humid today in Toronto actually this whole week is pretty bad. They issued a heat alert too which I mean it gets irritating but in just a few months when the blizzard rolls around I ‘ll be wishing for all this humidity to come back.


Tightlining your eyes (what is it and how to do it)

IMG_4999This is not something new but in my opinion it is also not something that’s widely known. But it’s one of those make up tricks that you need to know and once you learn it, you won’t be able to do your eyes without it. So what is tightlining?
Tightlining is applying your eyeliner to your top waterline, so lining the inside of your top lashline. This is not something you would normally think to do unless you know about it ( I know I didn’t) but now I am hooked.

It makes your eyes appear bigger, brighter, more awake, and lashes fuller and thicker. All with this one little trick. And it’s all because you fill in that white space on the inner top lashline.


Basically when you don’t want to wear eyeliner or mascara but you still want your eyes to pop out and you want to look awake and bright, you can only  tightline your eyes and they will appear as all of the above or if you are really doing your eyes fancy and you are going out at night and need them to stand out, doing this will make them so.

So how to do this:

It does take a little practice and a right pencil but here is a diagram I found online that shows it perfectly

CaptureI love doing this. I think it makes me eyes look much bigger and shapely especially with how tired I’ve been lately. It also gave me confidence to wear more bare looks with just this, mascara and some lipgloss.


Do you guys tightline your eyes? Have you heard of this before? What do you think?

NOTD – no actually Nails of the Month! – OPI Chiffon My Mind

FullSizeRender(7)Do you guys remember when I used to post different nail art and nail designs EVERY day almost? No? Yup me neither ! It seems like it was a billion years ago because I haven’t posted anything to do with nails in a long time. And the reason is this right here – I am hooked on this OPI Chiffon my mind polish. I went from a bright vibrant nail polish wearing to this? OPI has a soft shades collections and I believe this is their 2015 line. I actually took this from my mom. I saw this and was like mooommmm how do you have this? and I am taking it. NPSoftShades It’s the most perfect gentle but still statement making white shade. It’s so milky looking and I feel like it suits any skin tone. What makes it so great is this very gentle light very subtle shimmer it has. It’s blue and purple and barely noticeable but that’s what makes it so gorgeous. FAVORIS_mai_opi_chiffon_my_mind It’s very hard to photograph light polishes and show their true colour so I got really close to this to let you see how gorgeous it is. OPI I haven’t been wearing any other polish, no designs, no nail decor, nothing. Just this and I love it. FullSizeRender(8)sigs

Curly hair products I’ve been using lately – Product Reviews

IMG_4875I have tried every curly hair product under the sun. Well not every, but enough to open up my own hair supply store. I swear by Shea Moisture products and promote them every chance I get (I think I should be their spokes person or something!) and this line just really works for me. I love love love ! But every now and then I like to try new stuff, so here are 3 new products I got recently.

1. Cream of Nature Argan Oil Butter-licious curls Creme-of-Nature-Argan-Oil-Butter-Licious-Curls-Curl-Hydrating-Cream-75-oz-0-0 Terrible. Let me elaborate. I have used a few other products from this line, their conditioner and oil moisturizer. They smell divine. I love it. And when you first put it on your hair feels and looks amazing. My hair is very dry and still healing from bleach damage so it soaks it right up. Then I noticed over the time that my hair started to get tangled really bad and I had knots everywhere and it started to fall out. No matter how much I washed it, still felt like it had product build up. This was the only products I was using, so it couldn’t be anything else. I was really upset because this is much cheaper than Shea Moisture so I thought I found a replacement, until I can go to the U.S. and get Shea Moisture for cheaper. So why did I purchase this butter you ask? Well because it is a new product that said no sulfates, no parabens, no mineral oil, no petrolatum, so I thought wow new and improved. Nothing to give me build up. Pudding-Perfection As soon as I applied this on my freshly washed hair, I felt my hair harden. Not in a gel crunchy way, but it was like cement hard and stuck together. I worked it through and diffused it and I was left with stringy undefined curls, frizz, dryness and it felt so sticky to the touch. It was knotted and matted and just gross in every way. I instantly had to wash it out. I tried it again the next day just to make sure and yup the same thing. This was garbage, $12.99 worth of garbage.

2. Curl Keeper Styling Cream – $14.99 ImageHandler.axd I actually never heard of Curl Keeper but I did a quick product review search on my phone while in the store and curly community seemed pleased enough so I went for it. I really like it. I am not overly impressed but I like it enough to finish the bottle. Maybe not repurchase but …. – smells nice – thick consistency like body lotion – it defines the curls and holds them without frizz – no build up – good for second day  hair, as it reactivates with water

3. As I Am Leave In Conditioner – $14.99 product-leave-in-conditioner I have always heard nothing but great things about As I Am Hair Line but never tried any of their stuff. I got this leave in conditioner as I needed on and I love leave ins because you get a conditioner and a styling product pretty much. So it is not amazing or spectacular but it is a solid product. – great for thirsty hair – water based and it contains an organic strengthening agent and natural ingredient that promotes hair strength – helps with frizz – it’s a creamy but pretty lightweight texture,but still holds and moisturizes – has a very light and gentle scent I would purchase this again and use as a leave in conditioner but still use my Shea Moisture Curl Milk as styling product. The pictures of me are after using the As I am leave in and Curl Keeper combined. IMG_4747 So there you have it. Have you guys used any of these?

MAC Prep+Prime CC Colour Correct Line – Neutralize yellow pressed powder review

MAC-prepprime-color-collectionMAC came out with this prep and prime correcting line I believe last year February that basically is designed to adjust skin tones. There are 4 different shades, peach, orange, lavender and yellow and each target different skin nuances. They come in a form of a cream, loose powder and pressed powder. The one I have is the yellow pressed powder, also known as Neutralize, which is supposed to erase the pink and uneven skin. Having rosacea, I needed this in my life!


First off all, I don’t see the hype about this. I have read great reviews online and I just don’t have this same opinion. This powder does absolutely nothing for me at all. I don’t feel that it erases the pink I have on my face, and I find that it dulls my skin tone and makes it very grey almost. Am I applying this wrong ??? Does anyone use these? Feel free to share please.


Here they all are:

Peach aka Adjust – to brighten skin tones

Orange aka Recharge – to brighten skin but for deeper skin tones

Lavender aka Illuminate – reverse dullness and well… illuminate

Yellow aka Neutralize – to erase the pink flushed tones and even out skin

I have tried to play with this a few times and I don’t get it. I’ve applied it underneath my foundation, on top, underneath my eyes as I heard it erases dark circles too and nope.  The only thing I liked is the days I want to wear my foundation as a matte look, this definitely gives me that look.

Has anyone used any of these? Do share!

Btw I would’ve given you guys a before and after, but there was no difference at all in my eyes but I do need glasses so who knows lol!


The power of bright lipstick

IMG_4829I have been in excruciating pain due to my inflamed wisdom tooth and my entire face was swollen and every inch of my body has been hurting. The antibiotics are finally starting to kick in so I am feeling a bit better and I had to go back to work today. I still look like death but couldn’t show up to the office like that, so some contouring slimmed down the face and bright lipstick livened everything up!

IMG_4832I have been suffering with my wisdom teeth for 7 years now. I need to take them out but I am scared. Yes I know I know but I am scared. My situation is a bit more complicated then just extracting the teeth so every few months they get inflamed and I go through absolute hell. I mean unless you’ve been through this you would think I am lying when I say that one wisdom tooth will make your entire body hurt. Your head, your legs, your back, your throat, you will have a fever and yeah all the fun stuff.

I feel like a good bright colour lipstick can really make a huge difference. Whether I am tired, puffy, sleep deprived, sick, or have absolutely no other make up on my face, applying a great bright vibrant colour, perks me right up. It gives your face a nice glow, bright look and you look dolled up enough.

I am wearing Revlon HD lipstick in Orchid.


This lipstick is really creamy and applies very smoothly. However, it doesn’t last long at all. It literally comes off my lips within 20 mins. However, the colour is gorgeous and very pigmented. It also has quite a strong scent but it’s not a bad one, but it’s very present. That usually doesn’t bother me, unless it is a bad scent but I know some don’t like any at all. So fyi.


Curls and purple lips

IMG_4620Hey lovlies. It’s been a little while since I’ve posted. I neglected my blog and I feel terrible because I really enjoy blogging and all things beauty. But I am back and ready so here is a look I rocked on the wknd.

My curls have been looking limp since I’ve ombred my hair. So I am struggling with that right now but I am doing coconut oil treatments so should be ok in no time ( I hope so!) lol


I absolutely love this lipstick. It’s perfect for summer and it really stands out. I am wearing two different lipsticks actually.


First, it’s Maybelline Lilac Flush which I adore. I don’t think they carry this in Canada actually. I picked this up when I went to Buffalo from Ulta. It’s a really pretty pastel lilac.


To intensify it, I’ve applied the water flash ligloss which is also a gorgeous almost neon lilac. I think they go great together.


For my eyes, I ‘ve used Maybelline eyeshadow quad in Electric Blue. I’ve used the white and this gorgeous blue shade on my outer crease.



I am also wearing my all time favourite bronzer by Gosh.


Lastly, my pooch has gotten so big but he is 8 pound of full straight terror lol. He is my best friend and the reason for my daily job. Biggie.