Red lips FOTD


“Don’t let your struggle become your identity”  or at least don’t let it show on your face :) that’s my quote of the day. I have been going through some things lately but the easiest thing to do is let yourself go, and I refuse to do that.


Anyway, love a good red lip. My new favourite red is Jungle Red by NARS. I believe it’s a semi-matte texture. It has a nice creamy velvet texture to it.


It’s just the most perfect red shade. Lasting power is also great in my opinion. I’ve applied it softly in this particular look because I am at work and have to be somewhat subtle but this lipstick is definitely pigmented and can look much more intense.


I’ve kept my eyes simple, lining them softly with the Rimmel London ScandalEyes Khol Eyeliner.

Now, if you know me and been following my blog for a while you know I barely ever wear blush. I am more of a highlight and bronzer girl. I am not big on blush as I feel that combination gives me the look I like but also because of my rosacea my cheeks are forever rosey. But here I’ve applied blush actually as I felt a little pasty today lol


I am wearing Taos by NARS.


I am also having a good hair day today, if I may say so myself lol.


The two NARS products I’ve used :


Nina xo

Feelin golden (birthday edition)


Happy Monday!
It was my birthday this past Friday (feb5) so I figured you know if your birthday falls on a Friday then it’s your birthday all wknd long, right? :)


I didn’t do much. I did some shopping and a few dinners. I remember in prior years, I always had to do a big celebration for my birthday. It was a big deal! Now not so much.


This hair/make up look is from dinner Sunday night. I love gold and this sweater is as gold as it gets. I really wanted to do a gold make up look too but thought it may be a bit much since the sweater is really bright and shiny.


Eyes: Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon eyeliner/Tarte Camera Lights Lashes mascara/and just a touch of gold shadow in the inner corner

Face: Make up Forever HD foundation/Colourpop highlighter in Wisp (which did not photograph well at all)

Lips: Gerard Cosmetic lipstick in Mystic Moon


By the way, Sephora’s bday gift is Marc Jacobs eyeliner I mentioned above as well as a lipstick. There is another gift which is skin care but I want the Marc Jacobs stuff and I went everywhere searching for it because every Sephora seemed to be out.


I finally found it and I love it. The highliner is the business! It’s amazing. So pigmented and creamy and lasts all day without smudging. The lipstick is great too. It’s a nice rose pink colour. I can’t wait to do a look with it.


Nina xo

I am back! (FOTD)


Hello beautiful people! I haven’t posted or done much of anything else for the past week and a half or so because I was so sick with the flu. I have never been this sick in my life.  I am now 80% better and have a feeling the other 20% will be a slow process. Today is my first official day back at work so here I am :)


I have been pretty much bed ridden and make up and fashion was the last thing on my mind. I’ve placed an order with Gerard Cosmetics about 3 weeks ago so when it finally arrived a few days ago it definitely brightened up my spirits.


I will do a full review of the products I got as well as my experience with ordering from Gerard Cosmetics so I won’t go into too much detail here.


Today I am wearing one of its lip glosses in Cocoa Bean and I must say I love it. I wasn’t sure if this shade would suit me but I really like it.


I still don’t have much energy so eyeliner, lashes and some highlighter is all I could manage.


I hope everyone is healthy. It’s the flu season I get it but here in Toronto it’s been really bad. I mean everyone I speak with almost is sick. This flu was no joke. The way my throat hurt was something out of this world on top of all the other aches I felt.


Stay healthy !!


Much love

Nina xo

Nudes and animal prints (LOTD)


I thought I’d leave it at my last post but I figured why not add another. It’s Friday. I am feeling happy! Animal prints make me happy lol… that will never get tacky for me.


I know that many find animal print clothing “tacky” but for me, as long as you don’t overdo it and you pair it up with something subtle it can work.


I am wearing high waist snake print pants, and not to make it over the top I’ve paired them up with a  nude turtle neck body suit and nude pumps.


The pumps have a bit of a neon accent to them but it’s a small tasteful touch.


How do you guys feel about animal prints? It’s one of those either love it or hate it right?

Feeling Golden (MOTD)


I love golden tones. From make up to clothing to home decor. I love doing a nude look and then adding a touch of gold shadow to make it pop! Please don’t ask me why my lips look so fish like LOL..I was feelin myself!


Face: Bobbi Brown Liquid Foundation in Warm Beige / Aesthetica Contour Kit/ Colourpop Highlighter in Wisp
Eyes: I’ve used Smashbox Full Exposure Palette / MAC Fluidline eyeliner gel/Tarte Camera Lights Flashes mascara
Lips: BH Cosmetics Lipgloss in Peace Love and Mod


I am so excited it’s Friday. This week flew by, probably because I worked from home two days in a row. I don’t have any exciting plans for the wknd but I have so much organizing to do at home. And my OCD self loves to do that. It brings peace to my life haha.


By the way, my birthday is exactly 2 weeks away. I don’t even want to think about it! lol


Hope you all have a wonderful wknd lovlies! Let me know if you’re doing anything exciting.


Nina xo



(OOTD) ‘Always go with the choice that scares you the most’


IMG_9926Ok – so my quote has nothing to do with my outfit whatsoever- I just like the quote and wanted to share with you guys! This past Saturday was freezing and I had the most annoying issue with my left ear so to distract me , my boyfriend took me out for crepes. Mmmmm :)


Since it wasn’t anything fancy I threw on some tights, a turtle neck and flat thigh high boots.


I love the leather details on these leggings. I feel it makes them a bit more fancy – and yes in my opinion leggings can be fancy :)

As you can see, Biggie is all recovered and better :)

Leggings: Dynamite

Top: Urban Planet

Boots: Marshall’s.


The boots were a great find from Marshall’s. They were down to $29.99 from $99.99 and that’s always a bonus. They are super comfy and easy to put on.
I always have a hard time finding high boots to fit my legs. These are perfect because the back is stretchy while the front is only leather.


I kept my make up simple with black eyeliner, mascara and Kapow by Colourpop. Obsessed with this lipstick! and of course some highlighter (Wisp by Colourpop)


Love yall.

Nina xo



Friday FOTD


It’s Friday! I never though this week would end. Since my dog had surgery I’ve been sleep deprived and just so exhausted as I literally had to hand feed him and carry him around. But I love my baby. He is my everything <3


Anyhow, on my lips I have MAC ‘Chili‘. It’s truly one of my faves. I was wearing this lipstick almost every single day. That’s how obsessed I was with it and then I  couldn’t find it anywhere so I thought I lost it. Yesterday I cleaned my office and it was buried under some paperwork lol


Foundation: Make Up Forever HD foundation / Elizabeth Arden Rose Illumination highlighter

Eyes: Tarte Camera Lights Lashes mascara

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend. I don’t say this enough but I love you and thank you all for your constant sweet words, compliments and support.


Nina xo


Day to Night Look


What a difference a lipstick makes, right? I wasn’t actually going anywhere this day or night for that matter lol but felt like playing around with make up and creating some looks.


I used the Naked 2 palette to create this eye look with the exception of the white/ pearly pink shadow I’ve used as base,  which is by H&M in Baby Doll.


I very rarely do both my eyes and lips heavy. I choose one or the other. I love make up but I don’t like the heavy and overdone look.


In the first photo I am wearing Smashbox lip gloss in Smitten. Really pretty peachy nude. High shine.

From my Colorpop order, I haven’t had a chance to wear Kapow, which is a dark brown matte liquid shade. I really like it but I feel that I need a special occasion to rock that dark of a colour. So I  put it on and I love the deep sultry look it gave. I think it really complimented the overall eye look, better than the nude too!



Which one do you guys like better?


Nina xo

Word of the Day


I haven’t done one of these in a very long time but this I had to share!

Hope everyone has a marvelous day xo

My top 5 mascaras


My one staple beauty item would have to be mascara. Lipgloss too but if I had to pick one it’d be mascara. Even if you have no other make up, you put mascara on, life is just better lol.


So when choosing a mascara, what’s something that you look for? What’s important? Volume, length, natural ingredients, a specific kind of applicator brush? All of the above?


For me, it is volume and the applicator brush.
I never used to care much about the applicator but I realized how important a good applicator is in order to get the most out of the product. It really makes a huge difference. I also don’t care if it’s high end or drug store as long as they do the job.


So here are my top 5 mascaras (listed in order of preference)

  1. Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mascara $25CAD


Absolutely love this mascara.

-the applicator brush is the perfect size and easy to use for both upper and lower lashes
– amazing volume and fullness
– thick and very pigmented
– separates the lashes
-natural ingredients

– only thing I’d say is that I find you have to have a light touch while applying the mascara because it can get clumpy if you apply too much of a thick coat

2. L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara 15.99 CAD


This is the first mascara I ever fell in love with. I always thought I need a big bulky brush for good application. This is totally opposite. The brush is so thin and it has tiny little spikes. I thought what am I really going to do with this but that’s what makes this mascara so amazing.

– amazing brush that gets each individual lash and coats it
– separates lashes and gives them great length
– no clumping at all
– perfect brush for bottom lash application
– lasts all day without flaking

– none at all! that’s how much I love it.

3. Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara $30 CAD


– great volume without having to apply many coats
– really black and pigmented
– cruelty-free
– great fullness
– lives up to the hype
– easy to use applicator for upper and lower lashes

– clumps after a while
– flaky

4. Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara 11.99 CAD


– amazing fullness and length
-lasts all day
– good for every day use
– curls the lashes

– not the most practical applicator brush as it’s too bulky and really hard to use on lower lashes

5. Tom Ford Extreme Mascara ( I can’t remember the exact price but I want to say it was $50)


– gives intense looks because it’s carbon black
– magnifies the lashes so it’s great for an evening out
– doesn’t flake or clump
– great volume and thickness

– although it’s a good mascara it’s nothing out of ordinary or that you can’t find in other mascaras that are cheaper, so in other words too expensive for an average look
– starts to smudge a little if worn all day long


Do you guys use any of the ones I mentioned? Let me know what some of your favourite mascaras are. I am always looking to try new ones!




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